Sunday, May 1, 2011

Style...I think

I don't consider myself a stylish person exactly.  Mostly I survive on skinny jeans and comfy tees.  I like to get dressed up, but usually find myself needing a new outfit for any special occasion.  I don't typically keep "special occasion" outfits laying around.  My job doesn't require me to get dolled up, and even wearing my hair down is rare these days.  It's just me, my jeans, and a ponytail. 

Vacations are one time when I like to dress up a bit and show off a little style.  I like to set my outfits to the theme of my vacations.  When I'm in the mountains I am in "mountain clothes" and when I'm at the beach I am wearing my "beach clothes."  Here is a little sampling of my beach clothes. 

Island Style
White quarter length sleeve top: Old Navy $15 (on sale)
Blue shorts: hand me downs from the boss (I am a sucker for hand me are going to see a lot of them here)
White sandals: Old Navy $9 (on sale)
Sunglasses: Kohl's, free with a coupon
Watch: Anne Klein, gift from Forbes
Bracelet: Ann Taylor Loft, gift from Forbes

Total Outfit cost (not including under garments) $24

Did I mention I was cheap?  However, I think you can still pull off classy style while not spending so much cash.  How do you think I did?  Classy?  I think so.
Polka Dot dress: Banana Republic, circa 2008, purchased for a Bridal Shower ~$100
White Sandals: Old Navy $9 (on sale)
Bracelet: (same as above) Ann Taylor, gift from Forbes

Total Outfit Cost: I'm calling this one $9.  A 3 year old dress does not count.

Sunday #2
Black dress: Target (last year) $3 on sale
Swim Suit: Target circa 2007 (yes I am embarrassed to admit that) ~$30
Sunglasses: Kohl's, free with coupon
Rainbow Sandals (not pictured): ~$40 circa 2008

Total Cost: remember things more than 3 years old don't count!  $3
Green top: Sweet Magnolia, gift from my awesome boss
White shorts: Express circa 2006, ~$40
White Sandals: Old Navy (on sale) $9
Necklace: Sweet Magnolia, gift
Bracelet: gift, not sure where it is from
Purse: Ahlara, purchased with a gift card

Total Cost: $9

Striped top: Old Navy $7.50
Shorts: hand me downs
Boat Shoes: Sperry circa 2006, ~$60
Necklace: gift
Rain jacket: REI circa 2003, ~$50

Total Cost: $7.50
Tuesday #2
Dress: Target (last year on sale) $4
Red flats: Payless circa 2006 ~$10

Total Cost: $4
Blue dress: Old Navy, on sale $15
Sandals: Kohl's circa 2006 ~$30
White Hat: Columbia, $30

Total Cost: $45
White Tank: Ann Taylor Loft (last year on sale) ~$10
Blue and red plaid skirt: hand me down
Red flats: Payless circa 2006 ~$10

Total Cost: $10

After writing all this down I am beginning to feel really cheap!  I am also noticing patterns in my behavior:
  1. I liked to shop in 2006
  2. The clothes I spend big money on ($30 or more) seem to last 
  3. Classy never goes out of style
  4. I never purchase jewelry for myself, the only jewelry I own were given to me as gifts
  5. Despite not purchasing jewelry, I actually love it, and I love to receive it as gifts
What are some of your style nuances?  Are there certain things you love to purchase and others that you hate?  Any tips for my style?

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