Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Nothing like a fabulous salad after a sweaty kickboxing workout.

On Saturday I spent the day with my good friend Angie.  She has been my partner in workout crimes since I first moved to North Carolina in 2007 and now she is moving away.  Sad face.
So on Saturday we spent one last day in full workout mode, enjoying one another's company and all the fun workouts we could muster in one day: starting with an intense kickboxing class followed by a 3 mile hike at the US National Whitewater Center.  In between we enjoyed the aforementioned salad.

As luck would have it, we ran into a good friend and workout buddy of ours at the Whitewater Center and Angie had the opportunity to say one final goodbye to her before she moves to Ohio.  Our friend announced some unfortunate news, however, that she was just diagnosed with Lyme's Disease.  Actually, she felt it was fortunate that a diagnosis was actually made.  If you know even a little about Lyme's, you know it is very hard to diagnose.  Our friend has been suffering with symptoms for over a year and has just found relief in a diagnosis.  One of the treatments include diet restrictions, including all fresh and raw fruits and vegetables.  As Angie and I sat and ate our salads we thought how unfortunate it would be to not be able to eat raw produce.  If given only one option for the rest of my life I would absolutely choose raw over cooked.

For more information about Lyme's Disease please visit this website.  Symptoms can range, making it difficult to diagnose.  One of the symptoms my friend is experiencing is neurological and memory loss.  This is such a scary thing for her and I just ask you to keep her in your prayers!

After a hot and sweaty afternoon, I returned home and quickly showered for a very fun date night with Forbes.
Our evening began at Pinky's Westside Grill.  We have had our eye on this diner for weeks since our disappointing experience at the Penguin.  We have been craving a vegan chili dog and Pinky's definitely delivered.
To accompany our chili dog, we also ordered their veggie burger and a side of sweet potato fries.
At the last minute we also threw in an order for the onion rings.
And imagine my delight when these came out!  These are my favorite type of onion rings...the little onion straws!  Oh so good!
I heart Pinky's!  And I heart chili dogs!
I seriously hated hot dogs my entire life...until I was vegan!  Since being vegan, I crave a hot dog about every other month.
After our deep-fried dinner from Pinky's we headed to the Bank of America Stadium in downtown Charlotte for a Hollywood-themed event!
Yup, we went to prom!  I didn't know Forbes in high school so this was our first prom together (and probably last).  Not going to lie, my own prom was a bit more fun than chaperoning for a bunch of crazy teenagers!
Watching them arrive (in style...think double decker party bus!), I oohed and awed at all the beautiful dresses.  This time last year I was working at the bridal shop still and selling prom dresses to all the teenage girls!  I miss that job in many ways, including being surrounded by beautiful dresses all day!

After all my facebook and twitter pleas to borrow a dress, I finally settled on one of my own.  The dress I chose to chaperone prom in was my wedding rehearsal dress from 2 years ago.  It is too pretty not to make it out of the closet once in a while!
I am in love with this dress.  It is so classic, I'm sure the style will last for another 2 years and many more!

It was so fun to get dressed up with Forbes and head out for a date night...but prom just isn't the same when you aren't 17 and wild!  I was ready for bed by 10 and we ducked out early.  Oh boy, I'm getting so old.

So a new challenge began yesterday (that doesn't include deep-fried food from Pinky's!) and so today I want to share with you my additional 5 guidelines that I am choosing from Michael Pollan's Food Rules.  By the way, The Marsha Challenge will last 6 weeks for Marsha, but I will only be working with her for 4...because in 4 weeks I will be in Africa!  So for the next 4 weeks, I will follow the guidelines set forth in The Marsha Challenge plus these 5 "rules":
  1. Limit your snacks to unprocessed plant foods
  2. Eat your colors
  3. Eat all the junk food you want as long as you cook it yourself
  4. Stop eating before you are full
  5. Eat when you are hungry, not when you are bored
  6. Do all your eating at a table (not my desk)
Would you like to take The Marsha Challenge?  Interested in more information?  Email or comment below for details.

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  1. You looked beautiful in your prom dress! I've been wanting to go to Pinky's for a while! Must get there soon!! :)