Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Week

Can you believe it is already May? My where does the time go?  This week signifies a huge milestone for Forbes: THE BIG 30! We are so excited for his birthday this year and have big plans.

Of course Big Plans brings a Big To-Do List and I certainly have one of those.  We have many friends coming to visit the birthday boy this weekend and I am also planning a birthday bash on Saturday for Forbes.  To prepare for the party and the guests we have been very busy since returning from Hilton Head. 

While last week was all about vacation fun, this week the blog will feature party and house prep.  For this birthday we are planning an all-vegan menu.  I am very excited about this, however it means I will be doing 90% of the work.  I have "contracted" out some of the items, but only to friends that I trust to prepare vegan-only items. 

So without further ado: Here are THE LISTS!

House To-Do:

o   Popcorn Ceiling by light fixture
o   Curtain Rod lowered
o   Fix Porch Light
o   Move bookshelf
o   Window sills and blinds cleaned
o   Baseboards, doors and trip dusted
o   Shampoo carpet: stairs, entry, bedroom, hallway
o   Paint mailbox
o   2 hanging ferns
o   flowers for box
o   Stain deck
o   Paint porch
o   Return power washer
o   Buy flowers for indoors
o   Mow and weed eat
o   Holiday decorations go to attic
o   Borrow air mattress from Melisa and Den
o   Purchase Soap for bathrooms  
o   Back porch light 
o   Clean and paint deck chairs
o   Sweep, mop, dust and vacuum
o   Clean bathrooms

We've gotten a lot done, but not near enough!  And that's just getting the house ready for guests!  Then there is the party prep:

Forbes' birthday will be held at a local winery, Daveste.  We will be outdoors (and the weather looks great!) I am preparing "light picnic foods" and we will be serving wine from Daveste as well was water, tea and probably lemonade.  The starred items are ones that I need new recipes for.  I have picked out most of the recipes already, but if you have a great one, feel free to send it to me and I will feature it on the blog! 

I have also started planning what trays and bowls I will need so I can buy more in advance.  You will find that designated by each item below.

Party Menu:

4 bean salad (large bowl)
Sweet Potato Hummus (brown bowl)
Eggless Salad Sandwiches (large platter)
2 fruit salads
2 veggie trays
Orzo salad (large bowl)
Cucumber salad (large bowl)
*Tabouli (large bowl)
*Broccoli Salad (large bowl)
*Vegan Cheese Ball (platter)
Sourdough Baguettes (Panera) (basket)
Great Harvest Loaf (platter)
Grapes (platter)
Chips and Salsa (Chilis) (dip bowl)

Carrot Cake Cupcakes- Emily
Apricot Bars- (need Elizabeth's recipe)
Peanut Butter Bars- Melisa
Lemon Almond Cookies (Epicurean recipe)
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Empire Cookie

Sweet Tea

And here is my list of how to accomplish all these tasks by Saturday:


Get apricot bars recipe from Elizabeth
Ask Melisa to make Peanut Butter Bars
Confirm cupcakes with Emily
Ask Alina to bring fruit salads and veggie trays
Look up recipes for all starred items
Bake Empire Cookies and freeze


Bake Lemon Almond Cookies and freeze


Bake Chocolate Chip Cookies and freeze
Shop for all ingredients and utencils
Plan for drinks
Plan for platters


Make Sweet Potato Hummus and freeze


Make 4 bean salad except green beans
Make Tabouli


Make apricot bars
Make orzo salad
Make vegan cheese ball


Make Egg Salad
Make gazpacho


Make broccoli salad
Pick up bread from Great Harvest
Decorate Empire cookies


Assemble Eggsalad sandwiches
Pick up sourdough baguettes from Panera

And lastly, here is my shopping list.  I was supposed to shop yesterday according to the plan but still have not!  Uh-oh.

Shopping List:

4 Bean Salad
Fresh Green beans
2 cans Yellow wax beans
Apple juice (small)

Orzo Salad
Mandarin oranges- 2 cans
Frozen peas
Almond slices

Sweet potatoes- 2
Chickpeas- 3

Eggless Salad
Tofu x3

Cucumber Salad
6 cucumbers
2 white onions

Raspberry jam

12 Roma Tomatoes
2 purple onions
2 cucumbers
8 cups tomato juice

Cheese ball
1 cup slivered almonds
¼ cup pine nuts
extra firm tofu
Broccoli Salad
2 cup cashews
2 cup cranberries
4 cups broccoli

2 cups Quinoa
6 tomatoes
2 cucumbers
4 carrots

Shoyu sauce
Sparkling Water
Celery green onions

4- large serving bowls
100 plates
100 forks, spoons,
50 clear plastic cups
100 cups
100 napkins
50 cocktail napkins

You can see, I have quite the work cut out for me this week.  Did I mention I am also planning a 5k race for Girls on the Run the very next weekend?  I am also hosting a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner on Tuesday between Forbes' party and the race.  But you know what...I'm super woman and I am going to pull this off and make it look easy.  And I'm bringing you along for the ride!  
See you soon!

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