Saturday, April 30, 2011

...and then it was over!

It was our last day on the island.  We woke up slowly, not wanting such a wonderful vacation to be over.  We had until 11 to pack and be on our way.  But first, a few things we couldn't leave without doing.

One final bike ride was in order and there was only one more place that we wanted to try.  Signe's bakery came highly recommended, so with a quick shower and spruce, we were on our way. 
I anticipated the vegan options would be slim if any so we went with an open mind, anxious to just see what it was all about.  While all the bakery items looked delightful, we were captivated by the salads in the case.
We took home a side of both the orzo salad (above) and the cucumber salad (below).  We knew we would be eating lunch on the road and these salads made the perfect addition to our picnic.  We also grabbed a loaf of homemade bread: Tom's Powerhouse.  It went unpictured, but was delicious, wholesome and nutritious.

The breakfast items at Signe's did not jump out at us, and was mostly non-veg.  Being the strict vegans that we are, we biked to Flamingo's Doughnut Cafe for one final taste of heaven.  For some reason eating a non-vegan breakfast of eggs and bacon is not ok...but a non-vegan doughnut will slip into my diet occasionally (or twice in one week, but who's counting?)
Before we had even arrived Forbes and I knew exactly what we were going to order.
I had the create your own with lemon glaze, fresh strawberries and blueberry chips.  Yum, yum.
We also ordered the Caramel Apple and one topped with chocolate, peanuts and peanut butter chips.  They were both delightful.

Fully satisfied with our last Hilton Head meal, we headed back in the direction of the condo.  We decided to take a round-about way to have one last ride on the beach. 
It was a gusty morning, strong storms were headed in and we were nearly blown away!
The wind was at our backs so after stopping a lovely couple on the beach to snap our photo, Forbes suggested we attempt to make it all the way back to the condo without pedaling.  To clarify, that is about a 2 mile ride!
We propped our feet up and took the challenge.
No feet allowed!  We made it all the way with the just the wind propelling us forward.  So much for biking as a workout! 

Back at the condo, packing ensued and we were on the road home.  The silver lining: it was only Thursday, and while work beckoned from home, spring break isn't over until Monday!
Lunch was a picnic of leftovers combined with a few local treasures such as the chips, and salads, and these crunchy peanuts.
These peanuts are deep-fried and you eat them shell and all!  They were amazing. 

This concludes our Hilton Head Vacation.  Thanks for traveling along with us!

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