Sunday, May 22, 2011

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This week was all about catching back up with life.  It was time to get a reel it all back in.  It's funny because I am not much for analogies or life lessons through stories, but as I thought about what it means to "reel it all back in" I realized that life is very much like a fisherman's catch.  Stick with me on this one:

A fisherman gambles all he has...just bait, on the promise of something bigger, better.  He casts out his line, throwing out the bait, hoping for a big return on investment.  When he (she) succeeds, he reels in the catch; his reward for a job well done.

Well, I feel like in the last 3 weeks I have cast out all I had to give.  My energy, my time, my resources were all thrown out into the sea.  I was hoping my strengths and talents would be enough.  Now, each big event has wrapped, and so I reel in my line.  At the end of it, it is not is full of success and accomplishment. 

Ok, maybe I am way off on that one...but at least it made sense to me.  So now where were we...oh yes, the recap of this week.  One of my goals this week was to jump right back into workouts.  Over the 3 weeks previous, I had only ran a handful of times, and now it was time to get back to the gym, back to the swing of things. 


Sunday- Rest
Monday- 4 mile run  (I did not want to go at all and finally forced myself out there and enjoyed every minute of it!)
Tuesday- Awesome, heart-pounding interval workout with Ashley!
Wednesday- yoga (so sore!)
Thursday- Pilates
Friday- Rest
Saturday- rocking kickboxing class and 3 mile hike

I didn't get as much cardio in as I would have liked, but it was a great start after several weeks off.  I certainly felt the impact of my time off, however!  I have been sore all week!


I must admit, I have been a little burnt out in the kitchen lately.  We have still been chowing down on the leftovers from the numerous parties over the past weeks.  It has actually been nice to survive mostly on all the fresh fruits and veggies and mixed salads.  Not to mention the leftover carrot cake cupcakes that are in my freezer!  Forbes has done most of the cooking in our house this week. 

The one meal of the day I have put forth a little effort with is breakfast.  While my peaches n' cream oatmeal was so delicious, the real winner of this week would have to be the chocolate glazed donuts!


This week I read Tuesdays with Morrie in one sitting.  I was in desperate need of a little downtime and spent a whole evening on the couch reading.  It was wonderful.  I really loved the message of this book, so much I even mailed my dad a copy (please read it is great!). 

Find out how this book tied into a very important message in my daily devotions here.


This week I got to spend a little time with two amazing bloggers!  I read these blogs religiously and think you should too!

Diana at The Chic Life
Brittney at Life in a Holding Pattern

I had so much fun at the Food Truck Festival, despite the limited food options!  I especially enjoyed this Uncle Scott's Root Beer!  In fact, I'm getting ready to run to the store to buy Forbes one!  He is out building fences right now on this hot Sunday afternoon.  I know this root beer will restore him when he comes home hot and sweaty!

I hope you had a good week!  What was your favorite part?

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  1. I'm behind in blog reading being in Hilton Head! It was so fun seeing you at the food truck rally and hanging out! :)