Friday, May 20, 2011

Chow Down Uptown

Another morning, another bowl of oats.  This bowl was identical to yesterday's.  My version of Peaches n' Cream!

The sun is out this morning and it looks like we will have a wonderful North Carolina day!  It is Friday, and I have an exciting week-end planned, so this morning is a great start to a great week-end!

Last night I braved the traffic with my friend Jill to visit the Food Truck Festival in Uptown Charlotte.  Originally I wasn't going to attend until much later in the evening, but at the urging of my pregnant friend, we went at a decent dinner hour.
Luckily we did, because many of the food trucks were running out of food!  By 6:30 the Veggie Spring Rolls I had my eye on were all sold out!  I settled for a quinoa cake from the Harvest Moon truck.
(for more attractive- non iPhone pics, you may want to visit The Chic Life!)

Jill and I also savored all natural, locally brewed root beer.
It has been at least a year since I have had a root beer and a very long time since I have even had a soda.  This root beer was strong and fresh and tasted so refreshing.  It filled me up which was good considering my food options were quite limited.  I finished my Uncle Scott's Root Beer before we made it through the line for fish tacos and deep fried deviled eggs (not for me).  By the time we made it through the line and to the cupcake truck even it was sold out!

Overall, I would have to say the food experience was disappointing, however I didn't feel disappointed at all.  I was in high spirits, having fun with Jill.  We connected with a few of my favorite food bloggers, Brittney and Diana- and true to form I didn't manage to grab a photo of them.  However, can you spot the food bloggers in this one?
Yes, they are the ones huddled in a circle with cameras and tri-pods.  My kind of people.  I managed to keep it normal with my iPhone for my friend Jill's sake...that and my camera is damaged. 

I was still in the mood for food so we definitely stopped by TCBY on the way home.  What else is new?

Overall, the Chow Down Uptown experience was fun, but the food was lacking.  I don't think the food trucks expected the hundreds that flocked to the festival.  Luckily this will be happening every Thursday at the 7th Street Station.  I'm hoping to bring Forbes next time and get there early for all the options!

So what else is so exciting about this weekend...Forbes is taking me to prom!  I am thrilled, but I still need to find a dress!  Anyone have one I can borrow...


  1. It was so fun hanging out with you! We'll have to do it again soon. I'll definitely come up your way sometime if you want to show me around your side of town :)

  2. Everyone, please sign the online petition to help mobile food vendors stay in business.

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    The specific parts of Section 12.510 of Charlotte Zoning Regulation that require a 9PM closing time and a distance of 400 feet from a residence have forced many vendors to go out of business. The hours and locations of operation are what used to make these mobile food vendors successful. The sections in the ordinance that deal with duration in a particular location are also too strict and needlessly create a barrier to building a sustainable clientele.

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