Thursday, May 12, 2011

T minus 2 days...

Life is as chaotic as ever.  Despite the chaos, I am feeling very confident and prepared for the upcoming race.  However, the organized, clean, pristine house that was last weekend is no longer.
The garage is a holding ground for all the very important race supplies.  Almost daily I receive packages on my front porch and we move them straight into my "warehouse."

I have a gazillion things listed to do today...but surprisingly, most are already checked off.  The New Balance Girls on the Run 5k is a well-oiled machine and it is rolling along smoothly.  So far my only mishap was forgetting to pick up the bagel donation yesterday afternoon and having to awake at 5am to run down the street to get them.  Luckily that meant I was up early and very productive before 8am ever rolled around. 
That is just one day's worth of donated baked goods.  We have 2 more days to go!  My entire house now smells like one giant Everything Bagel.  As you could guess it was hard to get work done today because my stomach was screaming "feed me" all day!  Obviously I couldn't resist.
I like to call it quality checking. 

T minus 2 days and counting...The New Balance Girls on the Run 5k is almost here!  Off to finish that to-do list!

(I even squeezed in a quick run today!)

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