Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What We Ate Wednesday

Since the only day I have successfully photograph food was more than a week ago, I think I will share doesn't hurt that it was a day at the beach!  I will relive that at any old time.
Breakfast started with an egg and veggie scramble, topped with avocado and a slice of homemade bread as toast.  I am certain I had 6 cups of decaf to accompany this meal.
I also enjoyed a flooded bowl of granola and banana alongside.  I made a pumpkin pie spice granola with pepitas for the beach.  The flavor doesn't fit the scenery, but it was still amazing!  While I brought it along for everyone, I'm certain I am the only one who ate it...all 6 cups of it!
For lunch we tossed together leftover pasta salad with fresh hard-boiled eggs and bread on the side.  I promise there were veggies in that bowl.  I also had a delicious pear on the side and these:
A Lime-A-Rita for the win and those amazing Everything flavored pretzel crisps.  They are my favorite chip.  Oh how I love the beach and drinking at noon!

While at the beach we never ate out.  We enjoyed using the well-stocked kitchen to cook breakfasts, lunch and dinners.  We headed home after a few more hours of soaking up the sun and stopped in Charlotte on the way home for a quick bite to eat.  Lucky for us Bean was right on the way and we enjoyed a vegan feast!
We shared the "Crabby Dip" to start and was underwhelmed.  However, Alex's burger and my BBQ sandwich were both to die for.  Eleanor was jealous and kept reaching for ours!
None for her that night!  But here's a view at what she has been devouring!
Sweet potatoes were a big hit, but I need to cut them up fatter for her so she can grasp them better.
The girl loves her strawberries and cannot get enough!
I am happy to indulge her.  Of course our bath count for the week has gone way up!

She has also tried banana again and loves it, but can't get the slimy thing to stay in her hands.  I may have to try to give it to her with the peel still on the bottom part and just watch her carefully.

It has been so much fun to watch her eat.  It is definitely a treat for us!  And I am pro-Baby Led Weaning all the way.  No work for me, all fun for her!

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