Friday, May 3, 2013

Ramblin' Rose Blogger Ambassador

I have really fun and exciting news to share with you today!  I have been invited to participate in the Ramblin' Rose series as a blogger ambassador, and I couldn't be more thrilled.  And here's why:
  1. I need to just do this triathlon thing already (and quit talking about it!)
  2. I couldn't be more in love with the Ramblin' Rose series and the men and women who develop and plan the events.
  3. It celebrates the empowerment of women...a cause I believe in so deeply that it drives my career.
  4. And with a race on my calendar hopefully I will find some motivation to be active
So what does all this mean?  I will be competing in the Ramblin' Rose Charlotte event on September 22, 2013.  Ramblin' Rose is sponsoring my race entry, yes.  But trust me, I would only have amazing things to say about them either way.  If you are not local, or maybe just hiding under a cloud somewhere, Ramblin' Rose produces events for women that inspire and empower families.  The triathlon was their flagship event and now have expanded to half marathons also all around North Carolina. 

I attempted to run their very first half marathon in Raleigh-Durham in 2011 but came down with an intense cold.  Alex and I spectated and cheered on all the women on the course.  It wasn't quite as amazing as participating, however, and I have been wanting to run a Ramblin' Rose event ever since.

I am so excited this will be my very first triathlon.  It is a mini-Sprint Triathlon consisting of a 250 meter pool swim, 9 mile bike ride and 2 mile run.  The shorter distances will give me an opportunity to adjust to the transitions and multi-sport event.

Of course now that I'm officially signed up I have a million questions: what training plan should I use?  What should I wear?  Will my ole' bike make it through a season of training?  I am for sure nervous, but also excited.  Thankfully I have time on my side...143 days to be exact (that's 20 weeks). 

Lately my fitness routine has been very lackluster.  I did make it for one 3-mile jog with baby this week and yesterday I mustered a cycle class.  It wasn't pretty.  I think having a race on the calendar is going to help me jump start my engines and get back into things.  I really miss being more active and being a regular in the race scene.  It is like a super-secret club and I'm anxious to be back in.  The triathletes club seems even cooler and even more exclusive so I'm really eager to be initiated!
Does anyone want to sign up and do this race with me?  I could use a few training partners out there...folks to hold me accountable!  Honestly, I have been to so many Ramblin' Rose events as a spectator and there is nothing quite like the spirit of accomplishment that is seen here.  It reminds me so much of the amazing girl spirit present at our Girls on the Run 5ks.  It is an awesome choice for a first triathlon, or a race to do with your girlfriends.  I am so excited and hope many of you will join me.
Did I also mention that I work closely with some of the men and women who produce this race.  They also run the site SportOften and host our Girls on the Run program and 5k registrations.  They are some of the most awesome people I know and I am thrilled to support them and their amazing events!

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