Monday, May 6, 2013

Birthday Boy

Here's a post full of photos, and I'm not even going to talk about Eleanor once.  I promise.  This post is all about the handsome man behind the baby.  My husband.  Alex turned 32 yesterday.  And this post is all about him!
I should mention first though, that all these photos are compliments of the beautiful, talented Whitney! Check her out for your family photos too!  She did such a wonderful job!
Back to this guy...

Birthday celebrations for us haven't been as glam as years past.  Yesterday we celebrated Alex'a 32nd year with church, lunch with his mom, and then he had class at church.  Not very celebratory, but it was a nice family day.  Sometimes it is just a focus on one another that makes the difference, not what you do.

Lately my focus has been all over the place.  Work, Eleanor, Money (bleh!).  I don't spend as much time thinking about Alex like I used to.  So yesterday, despite being tired and worn down, I made sure to put him first all day.  I shut the computer.  I looked him in the eyes.  I made him coffee and breakfast.  Little things.  I wish I would be more intentional every day because our connection is so much better when I put him first.
I am so incredibly thankful for Alex in my life.  I am so blessed to be his wife.  I am not sure how I was ever so lucky.  He is patient and kind and helpful.  He is strong, and faithful and loving.  He believes, he worships and he praises.  He is an amazing dad, playful and fun with Eleanor.  And also so involved and generous with her.  He is a great dog-owner.  It's true.  He makes sure Penny is well-taken care of and spoiled and I admire that.  And he is the best husband.  He makes sure I get plenty of "me" time, he takes care of me, he is selfless and he honors our marriage.  I could say so many things about him, but the best of all is that he loves me.  He cherishes me.  He makes me feel like the most special woman in the whole world.  He is wonderful.
He is also super funny, fun to be around, and unique.  And I wouldn't trade a single day with him for anything in this world.  Thank you Alex, for being my man and Happy Birthday!  I love you!

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