Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Mornings and Fitness

Without getting into too much detail (I only have about 10 minutes to post), I will say that fitness, and even healthy eating has taken a serious backseat in my life.  We still eat really healthy meals, but our snacks are lacking.  They are carb heavy and loaded with sugar, AKA cookies, cake, bread, peanut butter. 

Fitness--well I have every excuse in the book.  The best one is clearly Eleanor.  She wakes up and naps 90 minutes later.  That leaves my morning window of opportunity very small.  And I'm just not an afternoon exerciser.  Or an evening one for that matter.  I like our little schedule at home and hate to mess it up, so the gym is typically out of the question in the mornings.  What's a girl to do?
Bust out the jogging stroggler (or you know, my Britax, because I don't have a real and fancy jogging stroller).

Boy you know this jogging stroller business is no joke.  That is some serious hardwork.  It could make even the best runner want to quit I'm certain.  So I hate it.  But I also love it.  Because I get to do it with Eleanor and she keeps me company.  When she starts to fuss, it is like I get to encourage her across the finish line which also keeps me going. 

This morning we darted out right after she woke up and I nursed her.  This is her happiest part of the day, so while I missed our face time, I thought it was my best chance to get three solid miles in.  She whined a little, but it was a success.   They were three very slow miles-- my giant breakfast of french toast was not doing me any favors.  But I accomplished them.  Ahem, I mean we accomplished them.

Eleanor doesn't seem to mind being in the stroller, but she does get burnt out quickly.  She likes to see faces and can't interact while in the stroller facing out.  Prior to this morning we have not made it more than a mile and a half together, so I am super, duper proud of her.

We rushed back home, I nursed her, and she is down for her regularly scheduled morning nap.  I don't think this will work for us every morning, but maybe if I can incorporate it once a week it will leave me feeling better about my lack of fitness in general.   

Today I conquered my workout.  I will worry about tomorrow when it gets here.

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