Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A day in the life...6 months, 3 weeks and 1 day

It's been over half of a year since Eleanor entered our lives.  Each day brings new and wondrous beginnings.  This week we seem to be piling on many "firsts" so I thought I would capture what our lives look like day to day.  This is just one day, and each one is unique around here.  Let's get started...

6am: I hear Eleanor stirring in her bedroom.  I grumble.  It is too early.  Go back to sleep child.  I toss and turn for several more minutes.

6:15am: Ok, ok, I'm up.  I brush my teeth before I go in to pull her out of bed and nurse her.  Upon entering her room I find this:
Somehow Eleanor has mastered sitting up on her own.  So yes, she has been able to sit up with no support for a while, but she has never gone from laying down to sitting up before without help.  She is not happy that she is "stuck."  I hope this doesn't happen in the middle of the night!

6:45am: We head downstairs and I drop Eleanor into her high chair, entertaining her with fragments of food from the fridge, a slice of orange, a strawberry, a banana, artichoke hearts.
I fry up eggs and make toast for Alex and me.  I preheat the oven to bake off the four loaves of bread that have been rising on the kitchen counter.  Too much bread!  Someone needs to take this starter away from me.

7am: Alex heads off to work, Eleanor and I retreat upstairs to play.
We rotate through toys until Eleanor tuckers out.  I pull her into my lap to read.  Right now Eleanor's thing is putting everything into her mouth.  The book goes in, her toys go in, my fingers go in.  And, OUCH! That's sharp.  What the...  Eleanor has a tooth!  A little white dagger sticks out of her bottom gum.  How did I not realize that before!  I promptly text Alex to let him know about this new milestone!

8am: I lay Eleanor down to sleep.  She fusses for a while but finally drifts off to sleep.

Back downstairs I decide the floors desperately need a cleaning.  I don't mop often, but today is the day.  Meanwhile, the pup is out back playing in the newly fenced in backyard.  I thought a fence would solve all my problems, but when she comes to the door covered in dirt I decide it has only made things more difficult.  I refuse to let her in to dirty my newly mopped floors.  Poor Penny has to play outside a while longer.

9am: Eleanor stirs.  WHAT! Yesterday she took a three hour nap for her dad.  Today she barely gives me 45 minutes!  Ok, ok, Mommy is coming!  We nurse and I decide we are heading to the gym.  It will save my sanity.  Without Childwatch I'm not sure how I will get through this day!
9:45: I savor each lap in the pool, counting off 1500 meters.  That's 60 times each way.  I leave the pool and head to the showers.  It is a luxury to shower without a ticking time clock.  That's how I feel when I try to squeeze it in during Eleanor's naps at home.

11am: Back at home I am desperately trying to entertain Eleanor keeping her awake until at least noon.  My go to entertainment- food.
I keep it clean with tofu and green beans.  She is happy to munch while I gobble down a slice of leftover pizza and french fries.  Clearly we had a healthy weekend!

11:45am: Eleanor goes down for nap number two.  I am expecting this one to be much longer than the first.  I settle into some blog reading while I finish off another piece of pizza and some leftover Bean Salad.

12noon: I quickly tackle a few work projects, pay some work bills, email a few folks, and then...

12:45: I hear a fuss.  No, no, no, no, no.  Not again.  I try to let her cry for a moment.  Maybe she'll fall back asleep.  What's the rule on this anyhow?  Do babies go back to sleep if they wake themselves up in the middle of a nap?

I go in there to attempt soothing her back to sleep.  Mommy just needs one more hour, I plead.  Alas, she is awake.  I nurse her and choose my next steps.
1:30pm: I borrow my friend's pool pass and take Eleanor to the splash park and kiddy pool.
We played for an hour, in and out of the sun and water.  She loved it, despite the pool being frigid.  It was a little deep for her to really play.  But it worked to amuse us and pass the afternoon.
2:30pm: At home again we play in Eleanor's room.  I read her Winnie the Pooh while deciding if a third nap is a good idea.  She is digging at her eyes at this point and I have no choice.

3pm: Eleanor naps

3:15pm: Alex is home!  We catch up on our days, I show Alex all the fun photos and videos from our day.

4pm: We wake Eleanor from her nap to head out to a meeting.  We are the witnesses for our friends' will.  It reminds us that we need to make our own will.  Eleanor amuses us as she plays on the table while we sign document after document.
Her new thing is to blow raspberries (or zerberts).  I captured the best video of her doing this for nearly three straight minutes.  I'll share if I ever sit down to upload a few videos.

5pm: Off to the market to grab corn and watermelon for dinner at the Price's.  We have fellowship group every Tuesday.  I look forward to a delicious potluck with our dearest friends each week.  Tonight's menu includes taco salads, corn on the cob, and OMGoodness chocolate chip cookies.

6pm: Dinner
Eleanor is happy in her highchair munching on watermelon and my leftover corn cob.
We take a group walk after dinner to check out Shannon's new house.  I think we need to make a walk a regular happening after dinner.  Especially since it is light so much later now.
8:00pm: We are home.  I nurse Eleanor (yes it has been 7 hours!  How did that happen!)  Alex changes her diaper and puts her down to bed.  This is two hours later than her normal time, she is so tired and quickly falls asleep.  I question whether I should wake her at 10pm like usual to nurse again before I go to sleep.  It seems silly since it is only two hours away, however I don't want to mess with our schedule.  It seems to be working.  Eleanor has slept through the night (10pm until 6am) the past two evenings!  Hmmm...decisions, decisions.

9:00pm: I type out this post recapping the day.  I am about to zone out to Gilmore Girls or an Anthony Bourdain show and hit the hay.

10:00pm: Goodnight!

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