Wednesday, May 22, 2013

220 Cafe and my first scallop

Last night I had the pleasure of dining with some of my best friends.  While it was work related, it was an excellent excuse for a girl's night. 

I picked up my bestie Melis and we headed to Statesville where 220 Cafe hosted our race team for dinner.

I ordered a round of appetizers for the ladies and so I enjoyed my very first taste of scallops.  Yes I realize this is a vegan blog.  No, scallops are not vegan.  If you are new here, I confessed I am no longer vegan, and I am working on changing the blog to be a more accurate title to my life.  It is hard work to change your name.  I'll get there.

So back to the point, yum.  But not as yum as I imagined.  Alex and I love watching food shows.  Our favorites include Master Chef and Top Chef, and scallops are always a main staple on these shows.  I enjoy shell fish most of the time, but it isn't so great I just can't live without it.  That is how I felt about scallops too.  It was good.  But if I go another 29 years without, I may not be disappointed. 

However, this is in no way a reflection of the quality of food and service we received last night!  Everything we ate was flavored to perfection.  Nearly the entire table ordered their special, an amberjack fish plate.  It looked amazing.  Melis had their Crab Croquettes.  I took a bite and it was also delicious.  I ordered the veggie salad which comes with beets, mushrooms and goat cheese.  So good.  I also had the Cream of Green bean soup and it was also so tasty. 

I really recommend this little restaurant in downtown Statesville.  It is quaint and locally owned (by women at that) and wonderful.  To boot, they are a big sponsor of Girls on the Run so of course I love them...although this post was no way in part of their sponsorship agreement, just my own personal thoughts and my decision to give them a great shout out for all they do in the community and for their delicious food they serve! 

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