Thursday, May 9, 2013


These days are just getting away from me.  They are flying by, and if I don't get with it I am going to miss May altogether!  Let's chat about this crazy month:

First was Alex's birthday on May 5th.  If you were to ask me I would claim there is no way his birthday has already happened.  I feel like it was a blur and I blinked and it was over.
Then we celebrated Eleanor's six-month birthday...but I use the word "celebrate" very loosely here, because it also kind of came and went in a blur without any special attention!
Now this week Alex and I are heading up the registration tables at the Run Wild 5k in Huntersville, and on top of that I'm still working hard to plan the Girls on the Run 5k on May 18th.  Whew!  That is a ton of work!
Eleanor has been a good little helper though, and we are utilizing our babysitter a ton this month!

I have yet to take Eleanor's six-month photos and post a full recap of the last month...but I'm getting there.  Perhaps we will tackle it tomorrow now that the sun has decided to come out and play, I can get some good shots. 

I will get with the game soon and catch up on all these thoughts running rampant in my brain.  But for today...let me just tackle one major to-do.  I NEED VOLUNTEERS!  Would you like to help us out at the Girls on the Run 5k?  Sign up now!

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