Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May Challenge

Because who doesn't love a good challenge?

And because this girl needs to get off her butt...

Here goes:
So the game plan is four weeks along.  Call this my pre-training training plan for the triathlon in September.  This challenge is meant to get my body used to three different sports each week: swimming, biking, and running. 

This is a loosey, goosey kind of plan.  No distances, no time goals, just do it.  Swim, Bike and Run.  Each week.  Plus a little strength.  If I get in the pool it counts.  If I lace up my sneakers and take a few strides it counts.  If I sit on a bike...you guessed it, it counts.  If I lift a free weight.  Yup.  It counts.  And if I complete a bonus workout...anything else, an extra swim, bike or run...or anything else (except walking...I don't think I will count that) there will be a little treat at the end of the week.

I typically fail at challenges so this month I'm taking it easy on myself with a very loose plan.  I am also offering incentives to myself for completing this challenge.  Here they are:

Each week, if I complete all 4 workouts and a bonus: I am treating myself to fro-yo on Saturday afternoons.

If I complete every workout (except bonus) for the entire month: (that = 4 workouts a week) the first week in June I am purchasing clip-in pedals and cycle shoes.  Woo-hoo!  It may not be such a treat when I take them out for their first spin and come crashing to the ground because I don't know how to clip out...but the purchase will be a rather awesome treat!

If I complete every workout + a bonus workout each week: I am also going to purchase a tri-suit so I don't look like such a novice out there at my first triathlon!

Since we are already smack dab in the middle of week one, I should mention I have successfully completed a swim (1000 yards at the Y Monday) and a run (2.5 glorious miles in an impending storm Tuesday night).  I am already off to a good start and feeling wonderful about a new fitness regiment. 

The plan the rest of the week includes a rest day tomorrow, then I will hit up a cycle class at the gym on Thursday afternoon and a strength class Friday morning.  Then on Saturday, after the 5k I'm volunteering at, maybe I'll be inspired to run a 5k as well.  We'll see!  I really want that tri-suit.  Or maybe some of my buddies will take me mountain biking for the first time ever!  (If it ever quits raining!)

Would you like to take the May Challenge with me?  Or at least follow along to help hold me accountable?  And don't forget, I'm looking for friends to participate in the Ramblin' Rose Charlotte event in September!  Let me know if you are interested.

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