Monday, May 13, 2013

First Mother's Day

I want to stop for a moment to acknowledge my very first Mother's Day.  I have much to say, but not m(any) photos to share of the actual day.  Not to sound trite, but I just didn't want to stop the day for a moment to capture a photo.  Of course I always regret this.  Now I wish I had a few snapshots of this beautiful day.

The weather was perfect, the day was wonderful.  I woke up a little grumpy--likely sleep deprived.  But after church the day pretty much soared.  I felt honored and cherished and loved.  My phone blew up with text messages from friends wishing me a happy first Mother's Day.  Alex showered me with love and sweet gifts.  Eleanor was such a good baby all day.  And we spent the whole day with friends, other moms and their wonderful families.  I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.  Or a more amazing family.
So here's the run down of our activities on this amazing weekend:


Alex and I woke early to volunteer for the Run Wild 5k.  We worked the registration table.  I had a really amazing time and it was nice to be hanging out, working with Alex.  No baby.  We had a babysitter come to the house at 5am!  Around 10am we left the 5k and headed to Jetton Park for a quick three mile run.  It is only the second time Alex and I have run together since Eleanor was born!

We came back home and I took my second shower of the day, only to get sweaty once again with my first ever mountain bike ride.  My friend Jennifer took me out to the state park and we rode three solid miles on windy, rooty trails.  (note that I completed all of my workouts this week, including the bonus!) It was short but so much fun.  Now I'm torn between a new rode bike or a mountain bike...if I were even in the new bike market (I wish!)

Since there are no photos to show for the day, I will wrap this up quickly.  Alex and I headed out to the winery for a glass of wine and a swing on their porch with baby Eleanor.  It was a beautiful day and fun to be outside.  At home we cooked dinner and ate cupcakes.  A perfect day.

After church Sunday, Katie and Adam invited us to lunch with them.  We enjoyed Taps' delicious brunch menu and scored a table on the patio to enjoy another day of fine weather.  TCBY was offering free frozen yogurt for moms so of course we headed their next.  We took Eleanor for a walk and then headed to our friend's home to drink mimosas in the sun.  We followed that up with breakfast for dinner (count that...3 breakfasts in one day, wish I had photographs!) and then more time with friends.  Tim and Jill brought their kiddos over to play in the yard to savor every last bit of the sunshine.  Man I wish I took pictures!

Either way, it was a joyous day.  Celebrating all the many moms out there!  Of course there is one mom in particular that needs a special shout out own mom!  A beautiful, compassionate and caring woman who I respect and adore more and more every day.   I will admit, being a mom myself now, I believe I have even more love and respect and adoration for the woman that she is, for the time that she has given me, for love and life.  For raising me and teaching me and being there for me.  I will never know all the workings of her heart over the years as she cried tears of joy and tears of sadness for us kids, but as a mom now, I can understand a little better.  Thank you mom!  For everything.

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