Monday, March 18, 2013

Saint Patrick's Day

Happy belated St. Patrick's Day friends!  This may be one of my all time favorite holidays.  For starters it is the birthday of the great and wonderful William Emde, my one and only brother!  And this year was special...his 21st!
This photo snapped by my sister Diana of William ordering his very first legal drink. 

Year's ago we all made a pact to be there on this special day.  Of course, this was before Eleanor came along and after long and careful thought I decided I couldn't fly home for the weekend.  It was sad not to be with him but I'm certain he had a good time without me.
My two sisters drove out to see him and we skyped yesterday to wish him a Happy Birthday.  I love you brother.  There isn't much that would keep me away from you on such a special day.  Maybe just one thing to be exact.
Eleanor was sick over the weekend.  Alex and I had big plans to take her down to Charlotte for the parade on Saturday, and then do a little bar hopping with baby in the Ergo.  This day is so very significant also because a year ago on St. Patty's Day we found out this little nugget existed.
Last year, Alex and I went to Charlotte for the St. Patty's Day festivities and I was feeling completely off.  All I wanted was sparkling water to drink and greasy onion rings to eat.  Considering I was currently doing the 7 Foods Fast, it was a struggle to allow my body to do what it wanted.  The whole day I kept questioning myself and so finally at the end of the day we hit the store and I picked up a pregnancy test.

Alex's face was priceless.  What is that for? I don't know, but I feel weird, and there is no explanation.  At home the plus sign turned up immediately and our eyes popped out of our heads.  Give me the directions, I demanded.  Two days and eight tests later we were convinced, and ecstatic beyond belief.
This was the photo that made it to the blog on St. Patty's Day when I mentioned we had a special celebration and went out to dinner at Flat Iron.  That was the day I quit the fast and began to eat nothing but starchy carbs.  The morning sickness hit fast and the next four months of life are a blur. 
This is the photo that didn't make it to the blog.  Five weeks pregnant.  And so overjoyed.  (That dress would never fit these boobs today!)
Our home was barren.
Our bedroom wiped clean.

This was not the plan.  But what a better plan it was!
We learned the hard way that plans change.  But this year, when our St. Patty's Day plans were thwarted, we rolled with the punches.  Instead of the parade we leisurely cooked a stack of pancakes.
I enjoyed a fast run with Jenna and a bike ride with Emily.
My first ride of the year!

We cleaned house and ordered a pizza.  Yup, a Papa Murphy's pizza.
We also stopped for "green" beverages and Five Guys french fries.

On Sunday we skipped church since Eleanor was still running a fever and not feeling well.
I did some baking and ate as many green foods as I could find.  We walked and lounged.  It was a long, relaxing weekend.  Not quite the plan, but 100 times better!

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