Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend Things.

Eleanor got to play with her bestie quite a bit this weekend!
I love that she has a playmate...and now so do I!  

Saturday morning we started off with a play group at the church.  Eleanor and Harper were the only attendees.  I'm hoping it will grow.  At least we had fun.

We made it home around noon and Eleanor crashed.  I waited for Alex to come home from administering the SAT exam.  And waited.  And waited.  Finally he walked in the door a little before two.  Let family time begin!
We drove up to Winston-Salem for an impromptu visit with Vovvy and Grandpa Ron.  The weather was so sunny and warm.  We blasted the radio, rolled the windows down, and enjoyed the drive.

Later that evening my friend Angie arrived from Ohio.  I have been anxiously awaiting her visit for weeks!  We drank wine and caught up until late into the night.  My baby must have known that momma needed her sleep because she slept 8 hours straight, waking up just once last night!  I haven't spoken much about her sleep habits lately, but they have been rough.  I think we hit the four month regression and I'm hoping this is the end.

Sunday morning we woke up at 8am (ahem 7am old time).  We rushed around a bit more than usual to get ready for church but somehow made it on time.  After church Angie and I took the baby and the pup for a long hike and then hit up the winery for a tasting and a glass of Chardonnay outside in the sun.
Eleanor entertained us by rolling around on the picnic table and shooting us funny grins and smiles.
Now (Sunday evening) we are settling in for a movie, some popcorn, and likely more wine.  A perfect weekend in my book!  
More Angie and Tanya adventures to come!

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