Friday, March 29, 2013


Yesterday was one of the best days I have had in a long time!  It wasn't too far out of the ordinary, but all the pieces combined created for a very terrific day.

For starters, the sun decided to shine.  It wasn't perfectly warm, but warm enough.  Brittney and Harper, and Eleanor and me ventured out for a walk around Birkdale after bible study and I didn't even wear a coat!

Thursdays are always typically really awesome days because of bible study.  I am really enjoying The Truth Project, but also the community of women, and especially the worship experience.  I went in yesterday morning a little overwhelmed by a baby who wouldn't nap and a puppy who wouldn't pee, but I left so much lighter and joyful.

And while that baby wouldn't nap, she did sleep.  On Tuesday night we began a new routine.  On Wednesday night she improved and last night was even better.  All this for a separate post, but I am happy that we have been able to draw on the experience of others, use what works for us, and create a sleep system (so far) that is getting us closer to where we need to be.  (Spoiler alert: I slept for 7 peaceful, straight hours last night!)

And all that sleep last night was much needed after the very fun evening we had.  My friend Katie hosted a jewelry party "open house" meaning you could come or go anytime between 4pm and 7pm.  She also invited Alex to hang out with Adam and so the whole family headed over a little after four.  Rather than come and go as we pleased...we came and stayed as we pleased.  Sipping wine, eating snacks and chatting until nearly 9pm!  I believe we were there long enough for Eleanor to have two naps and eat about five times!  I am so blessed with amazing friends.  We just sat and chatted for hours and it never gets dull.  Of course the wine and food helps, but the company is where it is at! 

All that and nary a single photo from the day.  (BAD BLOGGER!)  I suppose I was having too much fun.  I am so disappointed to not have captured the day in photos, so of course I had to capture it in words.  Next time I get together with friends I vow to not let the time pass without a picture of us!

And one last thing making yesterday stellar...did I mention it's Spring Break!  Alex is off work for the next 10 days!  The sun is shining and life couldn't be better. 

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