Monday, March 4, 2013

Weekend Things.

We woke up early Saturday morning for a very special event, my annual Birthday 5k! Each year for my birthday I pick a 5k and invite all my friends to run with me.  This year Jenna, Kristin, and Kelly came.  And of course my hubby was there too.
We ran the "Keep Your Resolution 5k" benefiting Girls on the Run.  Since my local council is the benefactor I stood up at the start line to welcome and thank everyone for racing.
No matter how often I do it, public speaking will always spike my nerves, so my adrenaline was definitely pumping at the start line.  It probably helped to warm my body and give me a push at the beginning of the 5k.  Did I mention it snowed the entire morning.  Cold, but so beautiful and whimsical!

This year's event was extra special, not only because it was for my birthday and I was surrounded by friends, but because this is my first post-baby race.
Technically I was pregnant during this run last year, although we had no idea at the time.  How fun it was to look back one year ago and see the dramatic change in our lives.  Thank you Eleanor for being here with us now!  It made my birthday 5k extraordinary.
While I kept time with my friend Kelly, Alex power walked with the stroller and Eleanor snoozed.  Jenna and Kristin were way out in front leading us all with a 5k time of just over 26 minutes!  Meanwhile I managed a 33:40 time with Kelly, who is actually 15 weeks pregnant.  She was awesome!  Alex brought up the rear crossing the finish line just behind Eleanor.
After the 5k we met up with more friends for brunch.  I forgot to photograph our fun group but thanks Katie, Adam and Porter and Greg and Sara for meeting up with us!  It was the perfect birthday celebration.
Back at home we enjoyed some family time before a big night out.  Officially Alex and I had our first date night since Eleanor was born.  Melisa turned the big 3-0 this weekend so we all went down to Charlotte to celebrate.
Things got goofy pretty quickly.  They popped the champagne and busted out fake mustaches for us all.
How do I look?

After a very fun (and much needed) evening out on the town, I was all too happy to return home to my baby girl.  We brought some of the fun home for her too:
Sunday started in the usual way.  We attended church.  We even made it on time.  Before that, however, we hit a major milestone.  Eleanor decided to roll over!  Check out this video!

After church we had a congregational meeting and a lunch out with the nursery team so we didn't get home till nearly 2pm.  We didn't stay home for long though.  Katie and Adam invited us over for a puppy play date and dinner.  Penny got out of the house and had a ton of fun playing with their goldendoodle...essentially her twin, only bigger and older.  Once again, I forgot to take any photos, but we had a wonderful evening with amazing friends and going in to another week I feel immensely blessed.

How was your weekend?  Did anyone else run a 5k this weekend?

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