Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What I Ate Wednesday--Green Day

What I Ate Wednesday, St. Patrick's Day Style.

I started with a small slice of leftover pizza (cold) and a fried egg, thanks to my hubby.  I really am a lover of Papa Murphy's veggie pizza!

We went grocery shopping after breakfast and picked up a loaf of Cinnamon Monkey Bread from the bakery leftovers (i.e. cheap, cheap, cheap.)  It wasn't long after we were home that I inhaled a slice, toasted with a slab of butter.
In honor of the holiday, I opted for the greenest lunch I could find.
This green monster was packed with spinach, a frozen banana, peanut butter, oats, and even more spinach.  Topped off with soy milk.  I drank it in a frosty mug which turned the bottom into more of an ice cream consistency.  When I got there, I poured granola all over the "ice cream" and ate it up with a spoon.  It was delightful!

 After lunch I started baking to kill the time.  I made this loaf in the bread maker, topping it off with "everything" topping.  I can't resist a warm slice of bread fresh from the "oven."  I sliced off a piece with another slab of butter and relished each bite.
I washed it all down with a handful of chocolate chips and then proceeded to nap for an hour!  I never nap and it was glorious.

For dinner we cooked up a delicious Mexican feast.
Starters included chips and salsa with guacamole.
I found this dinner recipe on Ashley's blog at Edible Perspective.  It was full of flavor and delicious!  I wanted to eat every last bit of carmelized onions and peppers but opted to save room for these:
Found in our freezer, saved from a couple Sundays ago when we were abundant with desserts but couldn't resist nabbing a few of Whitney's cupcakes.  On the side my "green" beverage of choice for St. Patty's Day:
A glass of white wine (hey! at least it came in a green bottle!)

That's all!  A day of wonderful eats!

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