Thursday, March 14, 2013

A day in the life of...

Let me preface this by saying this will likely be a very atypical day for us.  We have some fun plans, and changes in our schedule today.  But since baby girl has surpassed four months, and has her four month check-up is today, I wanted to capture what it is like to live in our lives.  Someday I may look back on this laugh.  Today, all I can do is laugh at my sleep-deprivation!

Let's go back to last night to begin our day.  Because frankly it all really begins (not ends) with Eleanor's bedtime.

7:45pm- she is happy and content in her daddy's arms, but we know that won't last long.  If we miss our window of opportunity, she will be a fireball of a mess.  Alex takes her upstairs, swaddles her and lays her down in her bassinet.

8:15pm- she stirs and Alex runs up the stairs to replace her pacifier and ease her back to sleep.  This happens several more times.  Something is up.  This doesn't usually happen.

9:00pm- finally I head up the stairs, deciding to nurse her and put her back down.  Alex and I watch the finale of Top Chef Season 9.

11:00pm- Alex and I finally retire to bed.

12midnight- She's stirring, we put the pacifier back in.  She stirs again, I nurse her.

1:30am- Fussing again, this time I think Alex soothes her.

2:30am- She awakes again, I nurse her.

3:00am- She is crying again.  This time Alex grabs her and lays down with her in bed.  They catch one very restless hour of sleep.

4:00am- Alex puts her back in her bassinet, but not for long.  She is up crying again within a few minutes.  I notice she is feeling very warm so Alex grabs the thermometer and we get a reading of 100.5.  What does that mean?  I grab the laptop and start doing some research while Alex tries to get at least a few hours of sleep before work.  I decide she is ok and nurse her and put her back down to sleep.  By now I am having trouble sleeping and doze off sometime around 5am.

5:15am- she's moving and fussing again, I try unsuccessfully to sleep with her in my arms.  Back to the bassinet, back to my arms, back to the bassinet and then finally...

7:00am- I nurse her again and I am up for the day.  Alex comes in to kiss us goodbye.  I try to get Eleanor to go back to sleep (she's been staying in bed until about 8am these days) but she doesn't go back to sleep.  She lays quietly in her bassinet while I brush my teeth, make the bed and start a load of laundry.

7:30am- I grab her out of the bassinet and take her to change her diaper and get her dressed for the day.  We smile at each other.  She is in good spirits despite still feeling warm.  Wake-ups in the morning are my favorite time with her.  She is sweet and flirty, grinning from ear to ear.  We talk and chatter while I change her diaper, put lotion on her, and check her temperature again: 100.6.  Can she be teething?

7:45- I lay her down on her playmat in the nursery while I run downstairs.  I let Penny out of her crate while I start on breakfast.  I run upstairs to check on Eleanor and then take Penny outside while my eggs are cooking.  Back inside I run up the stairs again to peak in on baby girl, and then back downstairs to assemble my plate.

8:00- Bringing the puppy and breakfast upstairs with me, I sit on the floor watching Eleanor struggle to roll over (why is it so hard when she has clearly done it a bazillion times already!)  Baby girl has tummy time, momma checks her phone, and Penny sits patiently at my feet, surprisingly not begging for food.

8:15- Eleanor is fussy, I take her outfit back off (silly me for getting her dressed) swaddle her up and lay her down for a nap.  It's early but she had a rough night.  Let's see how long she sleeps!

8:15-9:05- I rush around to get the things done that I want!  Shower, shave, lotion, take the stinkin' finger nail polish off my chipped nails, start another load of laundry.  Those 45 minutes go by fast because soon she is moving around again.

9:05am- Eleanor stirs.  I give her paci back to her and decide she is ok chilling in her crib a few more minutes.  I take the pup outside again (cross my fingers no accidents today), clean up my mess in the kitchen, braid my hair, and retrieve Eleanor from her crib.

9:15am- I change Eleanor's diaper and try to put her down on the bed while I get laundry out.  She is not having it.  Looks like we will have a needy morning.  I wrap her up in the Moby so I can try to be productive.  The poor girl really just needs some good sleep.

9:45am- Eleanor is fussing and I decide it's time to nurse her again.  Shortly after, Angie and I decide to head to the grocery store before meeting Susan for lunch.

10:15am- Healthy Home Market...samples and shopping!

11:45am- Arrive at Taps Pourhouse for lunch.  Eleanor snoozed a little on the way but has essentially missed a nap completely.  It is opening day for Taps and lunch was good, but a bit underwhelming.  Eleanor pretty much breaks down in the middle.  She is at an age where it is difficult to sleep with distractions.  She calms down and hangs out in her seat while we eat.  I can tell it is going to be a long day!

1:30pm- we leave lunch and rush home where Angie takes the pup outside and feeds her lunch while I nurse Eleanor.  We say goodbye as Angie heads off (we had an amazing visit with her!) and Eleanor and I head off to pick up Alex from work.

2:00pm- Alex jumps in the car and we book it to Eleanor's four month well check.  She is 15 pounds and 25 inches long.  She ranks around the 75th percentile for most everything.  She is a chunk!  By the end of her appointment she is really starting to lose control.  By the time we have pulled out of the parking lot she is fast asleep.

3:15pm- Home again.  Alex puts Eleanor down for a real nap.  Finally.  While Alex and I catch up on our days.  It's nice to be home with him so early in the day!

4:00pm- We both settle in for some work.  I munch on a bowl of granola that I picked up at the store for 99 cents a bag! 

4:45pm- baby is still snoozing, so Alex and I jump up to prep dinner.  We are making Vegan Pot Pie.  We chop veggies side by side and get the dish in the dinner.  Alex takes Penny outside for some exercise and play and soon after I hear the baby stir.

5:15pm- Eleanor is awake and I nurse her while catching up on blog reading.  Did you hear Google Reader is shutting down?  I use my email RSS feed to read blogs so it doesn't make much difference to me...that is unless you read my blog through Google Reader.  Then I suggest you run out and find an alternative.  You don't want to miss anything here!

5:45- Dinner is done, we dish it out and Eleanor plays in her swing while we savor our meal.  In reality, it takes us all of 10 minutes to finish off our plates.  The pot pie was amazing!  Definitely a meal to remember. 

6:00- finish reading blogs, Alex plays with Eleanor, takes the pup out again.  I start on dishes and clean up.  Still laundry to do before my date with Jenna tonight. 

7:00pm- meet Jenna for coffee at Caribou.  Such a nice relaxing way to end a long day.  While I'm away Alex puts Eleanor to bed and it all begins again...

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