Friday, March 8, 2013

Four Months Old

Baby girl turned Four Months Old this week!  And I 100% mean it when I say that the joy in our home increases by the day.  She was super fun as a newborn, but these days she is absolutely rocking our world!
I can't even put into words the amount of fun we are having these days.  She is so playful and alert and fun.  When she is tired she is sweet and cuddly.  She goes down easily for naps and yes, even bedtime most nights.  She doesn't sleep for long at night, but our joyful days more than make up for our restless nights.
Everyone who comes in contact with Eleanor exclaims what a sweet and happy baby she is.  I can honestly say that this is true.  Dare I say she is even easy?  I can read her cues.  She only fusses when she needs something.  Food. Diaper Change. Sleep. Easy.  On only one or two occasions has it been difficult to soothe her and usually only when she becomes over tired.  How can I say enough about this beautiful little being?
This month has been full of wonder.  She is constantly amazing us.  Every time I watch her I see her learn something new.  First it was her hands.  Then she could play with her toys.  She found her fingers and now can even take her own pacifier out of her mouth.  All these little milestones are amazing to watch.
The big news this month was Eleanor laughing.  She has only done it a handful of times, and I was lucky enough to grab it on video.  It has been at least a week since I have heard her laugh again though.  I know at some point she will be laughing daily and I won't ever believe there was a time she didn't know how.  But right now it is so funny to wait impatiently for that little chuckle to escape from her belly!
In other big news, Eleanor surprised us by rolling over from her stomach to her back before church last Sunday.  She just suddenly did it, as if it were no big deal.  She rolled over two more times and I caught those on video.  But now we are also waiting on her to roll again...that is until today.  As I was snapping photos today she squirmed her way from her back to her belly and back to her back again.  Then went one more time to her belly.  Amazed doesn't even begin to describe my feelings.  It surely is the little things!
I am having such a blast being a mom.  And I know Alex is also loving his role as dad.  As we speak he is dancing around the living room with "Honeybear" in his arms.  And she is smiling and loving every second.  Right now Eleanor remains quite a little momma's girl.  She loves her daddy, but we can see evidence of "needing" her mom at times.  I am savoring these days because I know soon that it will be all about daddy and I'll be chopped liver.  Stay little baby girl, stay little!
This month we celebrated some pretty amazing days: Valentine's Day, Eleanor's baptism, our first date night without baby, and my birthday.  All holidays and occasions are so much more special with Eleanor around.  I would say that she really does bring out the best in me.  I am so lucky to be her momma!  I try not to take forgranted a single day or moment.  I try not to wish away the busy days but live in the present of each day.
Because before you know it Four Months will be five, and then six and then soon a year!  We won't go any further than that, I may have a panic attack!
Such a fun and amazing month!  Happy Four Months sweet baby girl.  I love you!

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