Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fitting It In

Radio Silence over here today! I have been busy running around and having fun with my oldie but bestie Angie.  She has been in town visiting since Saturday and I have been soaking up all the friend time I can get...somehow still managing to take care of my baby and furbaby, and squeezing in work.  Rough life, huh?

When Eleanor cries, I always say to her in my silliest voice, "It's hard to be a baby," or "It's a hard knock life," or "Life's so hard."  I'm sure she hates me for mocking her like so.  I also find myself telling stories about her all day long.  In my mind I hear her saying "Stop talking about me Mom!" like I used to say to my mom All.The.Time.  In reality, I should have been flattered that my mom talked about me, I wonder if she is still telling stories about me.  I hope so.
Speaking of furbabies.  Look how big Penny is getting!  The stinker got a bath yesterday.  She's looking exceptionally cute these days.  We went for a long walk today and everyday she is getting better on the leash.  She is also improving with potty-training.  Having a puppy is a humbling experience.  I'm not sure I ever want to do this again.
And since we are catching up on the important people in my life...Alex is doing pretty great too.
Currently we are deep into our evening routine.  Eleanor goes down for bed.  Alex grades papers.  I catch up on work/blogs.  And then we settle into an episode of our new favorite: Top Chef.  We got bored waiting on more episodes from season 10 so we found season 9 online and right now I am anxiously awaiting the finale.  Will it be Paul or Lindsay?  Shhh...don't spoil it for me!
Here are more obligatory baby photos for you.  No she isn't sitting up on her own.  Not yet anyway.  But she certainly is getting big!  Eleanor's four month check up is tomorrow.  We'll see just how big she is.
I am so much in love with that sweet face!
She is getting super awesome at rolling over.  She can go back to stomach and stomach to back.  I know our days are limited before baby-proofing must begin.  Stay small my love...but grow big!  How I love thee!

Well, Happy Hump Day friends!  See you tomorrow!

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