Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Birthday things.

Did you know how cool Google is?
When I opened up my browser this morning, this is what I found.  Thinking it was really for some famous person's birthday I joked "Look what Google did for my birthday!"  Then running my cursor over the image to find out whose birthday it is I found this:
Happy Birthday Tanya! 

So clearly this is just for me since I'm signed in, but I'd like to think each and every one of you is seeing this image on your browser this morning to.  Thanks Google for making me feel so special! 

Well, as if that weren't enough, Alex has been hard at work making me feel "extra" special this morning!  First he surprised me by taking the day off work to help me celebrate 29 years of living.  Then he went out this morning to grab me a decaf Americano with a splash of soy milk.  Yum.  Along with a bouquet of sunflowers.  My fave. 

All through the morning I keep finding these little treats:
The first is from Eleanor, thanking me for all the "extra" attention I give her, found near her diapers.
Then from Penny for the "extra" times I take her out, found near her dog bones.

And last, from Alex, for the "extra" things I do for him.  I'll let you guess where I found that one. Clearly I have a gum obsession.  I bought a pack yesterday and left it in my sweater and then washed it.  Luckily I hadn't opened the plastic yet and it didn't ruin all my clothes.  Alex replaced the pack and more!

This morning I also found this gem.
 Get it? "Weekly" "Us."  I just love Alex so much.  He is clever and makes me feel so special.  As if those gifts weren't enough, in an envelope hiding on the mantel I received this:
A poem.  He is amazing and charming and sweet and I cried reading it.  And I want to read it a million times over.  I don't deserve this kind of love.  It is only through God's love for us that we are able to love each other unconditionally.  Alex reminds me daily of what it is to be loved by God because he is always showering me with love.  But on this special day, it is more of a downpour than a shower of love.  He is wonderful.

I am also promised one more gift in the mail.  Can't wait!

Ok, enough bragging.  Amongst all the fun there is business to take care of today.  We are using our "extra" time together to get our taxes done.  Let's hope it doesn't bust this perfect day!

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