Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's My Birthday

If you know me, you know that the first of March brings with it birthday celebrations.  Technically my real birthday isn't until March 5th, but around here we celebrate birthday weeks.  One day is just not enough. 

Last night, since it was Leap Day, and otherwise would be March 1, I declared it my birthday!  And the first thing I decided to do for my birthday was take Forbes shopping for new running shoes.  He was in need in a bad way.  I worked my birthday magic and convinced him to get these:
Little did I know that I would also be leaving with my very own pair! 
So now Forbes and I have matching running shoes!  Thank you very much Charlotte Running Company (in Mooresville)!  And just a side note: They are hosting ladies night tonight and there will be yummy desserts from La Patisserie and wine!  I'll be there (not eating desserts or wine) but nonetheless having a great time! 

In other birthday celebrations, we headed to Joel's for dinner.  Starting with my favorite, tempura vegetables.
For my dinner I had the Tofu Waldorf Salad.  I wasn't feeling sushi last night and I always see this dish and want to try it, so finally I did.
It was bright and cheerful, just what I needed for a birthday celebration!

After dinner I parted ways with Forbes and headed to a jewelry/wine tasting party at Saks Orthodontics with my friend Jill.  All wine and food went un-pictured but Jill and I had a great time and headed home early.

Tonight my mom is coming into town to continue my birthday celebrations with me!  We don't have much planned, but on Saturday we will be running/walking a 5k together.  I had so much fun last year running a 5k for my birthday so I am repeating it!  This year's 5k is special to me because it benefits Girls on the Run.  So if you have no plans this Saturday please join us at the Cool Breeze Multisport Challenge 5k! 

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We plan to grab coffee after at Starbucks in Birkdale, so if you don't feel like running, stop by and say hi at Starbucks at 10:30 or so!

Hope to see you there!

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