Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mission Updates

Forbes and I applied for a "dream job" with Samaritan's Purse several weeks ago.  I kept my tongue tight about this opportunity because I was just too excited.  It was a good decision because the opportunity hasn't panned out, but it ignited a strong interest in me for a people group.  Prior to this mission opportunity I had no idea that I was interested in serving in Haiti.

Then came another opportunity in my inbox last night.  Months ago, Forbes and I sent out a letter to World Relief inquiring of opportunities for young couples.  We received an email last night that was inspiring and encouraging and once again a position in Haiti was made available to us.  My heart skipped a beat, but I waited until Forbes had finished the email and spoke his mind before I jumped in with my opinion.  If I've learned anything in this process it is that unity is of utmost importance and second, that his opinion is so important to me, I do not want to bias it with mine first.

The timeline is a bit quicker than what we had anticipated, so while we sent our resumes in, and scheduled a phone conversation with World Relief, we have really only opened this up to God for His provision.  If this is the right fit for us on the mission field so much would have to happen so quickly that it can only be in God's desire and timing.

That's all I am going to say about that for right now...because once again I am too excited.  The reassuring part is that even if this position doesn't work out, World Relief is always sending folks out, and many more opportunities will likely arise in time.  We are trusting God.

In the meantime we are still seeking Christian Associates.  We are set to visit in May to go through the final interview process.  We are excited about this organization and their mission and vision.  However, we are keeping our eyes open for ways God may be speaking to us through other opportunities.  All we are looking for is a good fit for our unique gifts and talents and an urging from God. 

Please be in constant prayer for us as we discern the next season in our lives!  I know I have asked this repeatedly but I continue to request prayer because I know how powerful it can be.  And while you are at it, Haiti is completely on my heart, so say a prayer for this nation who is devastated in poverty.  Amen.

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