Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Birthday Celebration

By the time Saturday rolled around I felt like my birthday was already over.  We had such a wonderful evening the night before, it made it feel like that was my birthday.  So Saturday morning came and I had to pinch myself that I got another whole day of birthday celebration!

We woke up early and dressed for the 5k.  My running friends joined me for a speedy 3 mile race in the cool, damp weather.
I just gotta say: don't we all look good!?

As we arrived it began to sprinkle, but luckily for us, the weather held out until after our run.
(Rain droplets on the windshield!)

It has been so long since I ran a 5k and I was delighted with the distance.  It was short enough to really push myself mentally and physically without being stressed or overwhelmed.  Mr. Kummerow wore the Garmin but assured me we were keeping it at a 9 minute pace.  We finished in just over 27 minutes, a new 5k Personal Record for both of us!  The others all finished ahead of us, but Mr. Kummerow let me cross the finish line seconds before him so I wouldn't be last on my birthday.  He really is a gem!

After our run, we headed to one of my favorite little restaurants in Plaza Midwood for some tofu scramble and sweet potato hashbrowns.  Zada Jane's is a veg-friendly cafe that serves many local and organic ingredients.  It was a delicious meal!

I relaxed most of the day and might have even squeezed in a nap at some point.  That evening we headed out once again to celebrate with our friends Emily and Travis.  They were also having a few other guests over to watch the Carolina v. Duke game.  They prepared a large pot of vegetarian chili for the occasion and Mr. Kummerow and I introduced the others to topping chili with peanut butter.
It was very tasty!

For dessert Emily made Chocolate Sorbet and sliced fresh strawberries on top.
Of course I had to top mine with even more peanut butter!

You might recall when Emily and Travis had us over for dinner back in November...oddly enough to celebrate our anniversary-it's funny how we eat over there whenever there is a big celebration!  Well, on that night we attempted the Chocolate Sorbet but Emily didn't realize how long it needed to freeze so we were left with melty chocolate.  Instead we made Grilled PB&Bs for dessert.  No melty chocolate this time, however.  She froze the sorbet well in advance and it was so delicious!  She even sent us home with a pint!  That was a great birthday gift!

I brought along the vegan Red Velvet Cupcakes to share as well.
They were so good!  Mr. Kummerow and I finished off the last two last night and they were still just as good as they were on Friday when I first made them.  The cake was moist and light and cream cheese frosting was just right!  They were amazing!  And can you believe they were made with beets?!  You can find the recipe over at Mama Pea's website.

So that pretty much sums up my birthday weekend.  You know how Sundays go...church and relaxation.  Sunday also included a nap!  This weekend I got this cool homemade gift in the mail from my sister-in-law and I just had to share it with you:
They are the cutest little recipe cards ever!  I am so excited to use them, but I must choose wisely which fabulous recipes to write on these beautiful cards. 

I was very spoiled this year for my birthday and received many of the gifts I asked for including a new iPhone from the hubby and a gift card for a massage from the boss-lady (thanks Susan!).  I cannot wait to cash that one in!  I'm thinking maybe tomorrow! 

How do you celebrate birthdays in your family?  Many people thought I was crazy to run a 5k on my big day...however, working out really can be fun especially when you are surrounded by people you love and you are all participating together.  A race is the best work out for a birthday!  Especially a short distance like a 5k.  It is over quick enough, there isn't a whole lot of pressure, and you can still move around the rest of the day!  We had a blast running the 5k and I hope to make that a new tradition for my birthday!

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