Friday, March 9, 2012

Kony 2012

By now I am not sure how you could have escaped the news of Kony 2012.  As I saw all the facebook posts and shares and the tweets I was curious, albeit a little skeptical.

How did you first hear about Kony 2012?

Finally when my entire timeline was full of Kony 2012 I clicked on a link and was instantly captivated by the video.  I am amazed at the dedication and lifetime commitment to this cause that has been taken on by just a normal person.  It really brings home the concept "Be the change you want to see in the world."  If one man can make this big of an impact...what can you and I do?

I struggle so much feeling just one tiny little person and feeling as though I don't make a difference.  I don't have much to give so I won't give at all.  I can't commit long term so I won't even show up just this once. 

Kony 2012 is showing us that even in a small way we can make a difference.  Even if it means sharing a video on Facebook or "liking" a status.  Even educating ourselves on issues is making a difference.  Today I will stuff BBQ pork sandwiches into styrofoam to-go containers to raise money for a pastor in Mwandi.  It is a small task (and one that I'm not very keen on) but the money that can be raised can change a life.  Rather than see myself as just one tiny little person...I am a piece, a piece to a bigger puzzle.  The puzzle cannot be finished without each piece no matter how big or small each one is.  What piece will you play today?

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