Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Road Trip

Please excuse the brief interruption in blogging.  Forbes and I took a spontaneous trip to Nashville on Saturday to see his sister who was in town for just the weekend.  And of course we went to see my beautiful sister too and stayed with her (for possibly the last time) in Nashville.

We didn't do much.  Just hung out with the family, clearly didn't snap any photos, enjoyed beautiful weather and then scurried home yesterday just in time for a meeting.  All-in-all, a most wonderful weekend and I will be sad we won't be visiting Nashville as often anymore.

Also sad, we will miss our church away from church!
Now back home and back to the grind...got a lot to catch up on with work after being terribly sick last week!  Hooray for gorgeous weather and a healthy body this week!  Happy Tuesday

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