Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tanya Day

I gotta say, Facebook is my favorite!  So many birthday wishes yesterday!  I feel so blessed. 

"Tanya Day" (as one friend coined it) was quite a pleasant day, although not the usual Kummerow-style celebration we usually partake in.  Perhaps it is the simplicity of my diet that is creating a more simple life in other areas, but yesterday I just felt like being simple. 

One highlight of my day was my scheduled massage.  My chiropractor recommended a massage as part of my therapy from the car accident.  Who am I to decline?  So purposely I scheduled it on my birthday!

It was pretty rough and tough, but still felt oh-so-good (or should I say it hurt-so-good!). 

The rest of the day was business as usual.  Simple meals from 7 simple ingredients.
Steamed spinach, Tofu patty, mashed avocado, and sweet potato chips. 

After dinner I ate my weight in home made granola that fits all criteria for 7.  Hey, it was my birthday.

Just a few quick notes about 7.  I want to update every Wednesday when I do a What I Ate Wednesday post, but seeing as today has been exactly one week, here are some preliminary thoughts:

I LOVE 7!  Honestly.  I think there is something to this.  This morning I realized I woke up with NO FOOD GUILT!  Usually on Monday nights I drink half a bottle of wine and eat dairy ice cream with my bestie Jill while watching the Bachelor.  And while I have no worries about it at the time, I always wake up in the morning with Food Guilt, a nasty little effect from years of disordered eating.  I am able to push it out of my brain immediately...but it still exists in small ways. 

Eating only 7 foods is simple.  There are many ways to cook those 7 foods, but you only have to worry about 7.  Think about how excess in other areas of life creates chaos.  Perhaps the excess of options has created chaos in my food life?!  In this past week I felt free of food rules and restrictions.  You would think it would be quite the opposite considering how many restrictions are on my plate at the moment.  I think about it like this...the ten commandments are restrictions that set us free.  Many scoff at the "rules" of being a Christian, but the Law was in place to keep us safe and within those boundaries we can feel free.  Maybe I am finding that same sort of joy in my 7 foods.  Maybe I won't ever want to go back to the world of chaos! 

I will share more details about what I am eating tomorrow!  See y'all then!

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