Thursday, March 8, 2012


Read. Read. Read. Read. Read.

I feel like a bookaholic as of late!  In the best way possible.  As a child I enjoyed reading so much but lost my zest for books somewhere in high school or college.  Occasionally over the last few years I would find myself enthralled in a book, unwilling to move until every page had been turned...but those occasions were few and far between.  Last I can remember, was the summer before I married Forbes when I read the entire Harry Potter series straight through.

Lately I have found that I have a little more free time in my life.  I am not sure if I am managing my time better, or perhaps I have taken so much excess out of my life that I now have room for my long lost passion.  Either way, I now have time to read and am enjoying it so much!

I picked up this book last summer before heading to Africa, yet never got around to starting until early fall.  At some point I found myself lost in work and responsibilities and set it down less than half way through and didn't pick it back up until sometime early this year.  Finally I finished The Poisonwood Bible and I am so confused how I ever set it down.  This is a dramatic story about a family uprooted to become missionaries in the Congo.  Great perspective.  I think my dad originally recommended the book to deter me from becoming a missionary...or well to make me aware of the negative effects when we believe we can solve all the world's problems "the American way."  This book opened my eyes to the importance of teaching others about the Gospel in a way that serves the culture and individuals.
After finishing The Poisonwood Bible I picked up Forgotten God from the library.  I read Francis Chan's Crazy Love and I continue to enjoy his teaching.  This man is wise.  I feel that I have a great understanding of God, I know Jesus as my Savior, but the Holy Spirit is still a mystery to me.  This book helped to uncover the role of the Comforter, and how we are supposed to worship Him as part of the trinity.  This book taught me how to allow the Holy Spirit to work in my life and already I am changed!
For a little fun I finally read Water for Elephants.  I borrowed this book from a friend at church months ago.  (note to friends, don't let me borrow books!) It is so amazing!  I highly recommend this book for a captivating read.  It took my less than a week, I was so enthralled!  Despite how many people told me the movie does not live up to the book, I am still desperate to watch!
Forbes and I have been reading Radical together, and after a couple months we have finally finished.  This book has single-handedly changed me.  I feel like I have completed a 360.  My life is no longer about me.  If I am not making a difference in the world than I am not fulfilling my purpose in God's will.  Not everyone needs to drop everything and move Internationally, being Radical in your faith can be represented anywhere in the world, even right here in America.  However, if I am not being Radical, I am not following the commands of Jesus in the New Testament. 
Lastly, I just finished this short little book about George Muller in just two days.  This man was a man of God, who had such an amazing and strong faith.  I am impressed by his trust and am eager to find that kind of faith.  I pray that I would have faith like George Muller.  He did many wonderful things but one story that sticks out in my mind is a morning at the orphanage he started.  There was no money for food and in the morning the hundreds of children came down to eat.  One of the matrons of the orphanage ran to Mr. Muller and informed him there was no food.  Calmly, he walked into the room full of children, and asked them to bow their head in prayer.  He blessed the food they were about to receive.  Although there was no food in the house for them to eat, he knew that God would provide.  As the children pushed back their chairs to sit down to empty plates there was a knock on the door.  A local baker delivered loads of bread that he baked the night before.  He couldn't rest and felt that he was supposed to bake for the orphans.  Minutes later the milk man came to the door asking them to take some milk off his hands.  His cart had broke and he could not fix it with all the milk loaded.  If they helped him to unload they could have the milk.  God provided enough bread and milk for each child to eat!  And George knew that God would provide.  He had no doubt!
Of course I have also been reading 7 An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess, but am taking my time.  I want to read each chapter when I approach that month, so I have only finished the first one about eliminating food.  Jen is witty and sarcastic and!  It is hard not to read straight through the whole book, but I know it will mean more if I read it when I am on the topic. 

What are you reading these days?

My goal is to read the Bible.  Taking George Muller's lead and following David Platt's advice to read more of the words of God and less about the words of God, I feel motivated to read my Bible more often.  I don't want to stop reading about God as well, but want read His words more!

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