Sunday, October 10, 2010

Race Day Routine

6:15am: alarm clock rings
6:20am: squirm myself out of bed!
6:20-6:40am: brush teeth, wash face, get dressed (not in race clothes, warmer clothes)
6:45am: meet others in lobby, order breakfast (oats, banana, hot tea) but don't eat it yet
7:00am: drive to race site
7:25am: bathroom break
7:45am: at Start waiting to...well, start!
8:05am: (5 minutes late) First runners start (not me)
8:10am: I eat half my oats and the banana in the car on the way to the first hand off spot
8:15am: drive to hand off spot, then drive to gas station for Second Runner to change clothes, bathroom break
8:45am: waiting at hand off spot
9:10am: Jen hands off to Angie
9:15am: Ashley hands off to Sarah
9:30am: Susan runs by (doesn't hand off yet)
9:35am: back to gas station for bathroom break and I changed into my running clothes
9:45am: hanging out at 2nd hand off watching for runners
10:10am: Sarah passes to Erin
10:15am: Angie passes off to me and I start running
12:15pm: I cross the finish line
12:16pm: I desperately search for water and find my team

Here is my fuel run down:
Before race-
1 cup of hot tea
1/2 bowl of oats, one banana
2 sips of water (seriously)

During race-
2 cups of water at 2 separate water stations

Immediately after race-
4 bottles of water (seriously)

1 hour after race-
Coconut water
4 more servings of water
Jason's Deli salad bar and cup of vegetable soup
1/2 (large) Pumpkin spice cookie

1/2 bagel with peanut butter
cucumber salad
and lots of snacks (I snacked all day non stop!)

large bowl of banana soft serve
1/2 Pumpkin Spice Cookie

What I learned about fueling: I need to drink a lot more water before the race.  I was just so nervous I would have to use the bathroom when I was running (which I did anyway, and I did stop at a porta-john!).  I proved that I need to eat at least 2 hours before sooner (which means I will be eating at 5:30am on marathon race day!) I also need to fuel immediately after the run, because I was very nauseous before I ate my salad. 

This was a good practice for the marathon.  This race taught me a lot about fueling for a long run and hopefully I will take these lessons with me as I continue to add mileage each week.  Wish me luck!

How do you fuel for a race?  What is your favorite after-race treat? I know my friend Ashley has to have a chocolate milk after her races!  I was looking forward to the coconut water the entire time!

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