Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This "free runner" is all plugged-in! {Garmin Forerunner 305-style}

Did you guess the big news? I hammered the pavement this morning in style- Gamin style, that is!
That's right I'm a proud owner of my very own Gamin Forerunner 305!  Remember my run this weekend with a borrowed watch? I confessed it was both a blessing and a curse.  Well let this be a blessing that will push me through the next half of marathon training.  At least it motivated me to get up this morning and lace up my sneakers!

I'm still figuring this thing out.  I would love to know how other bloggers post the screen shots from their Garmin times on their blogs (help!).  And of course I forgot to take the standard photo of the watch on my wrist with my finished time and distance so I can't give you that this morning.  What I can give you is the stats of probably my best run to date:

Distance: 5.50 miles
Elapsed Time: 51:30.61
Average Pace: 9:21/mi
Average Speed: 6.4 mph
Max Speed: 9.2 mph
Calories: 645 (not sure if that is accurate, I didn't wear the hr monitor)

What I want to know is my mile splits but I can't find that.  Any ideas?

I returned home full of joy and happiness.  I took a look in the mirror this morning and patted myself on the back! Maybe I always run these paces and I just don't know.  Perhaps I have been sandbagging myself for way too long.  This could be a turning point in my training!  However, I must remember the watch does not give me super-human powers or the end of the day, it is still my body doing the work, whether it is free-running or plugged-in.

After the run this morning I sucked this down:
In the mix:
2 cups rainbow chard (great for smoothies because of its mild flavor)
1/4 cup frozen blueberries
1 banana
3/4 sliced pear
1/2 cup almond milk

After I drank it I thought about the lack of protein and the abundance of sugar in this, but I didn't care.  I may be dealing with a slight sugar-induced coma this morning, but nothing can bring me down after that awesome run and my new gift from my awesome boss!  Thanks Susan!

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