Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ice Pain

Oh this hurts! It hurts it hurts it hurts!  Oh boy, oh boy! 

Ok my foot is out of the ice...aaaahhh.  Much better! 

Oh wait, back in....ow, ow, ow, ow...oh man oh man oh man oh man.

And out....oh my!

And in...oooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

And out!

That has been the last 15 minutes.

I'm sitting here trying to accomplish some emails all the while icing my painful foot and somehow, the emails are just not getting read/written.  Weird!  Ok, maybe I will try to write a blog instead.

How did this happen, you ask? I'm not sure, but all I know is that the $50 insoles I purchased yesterday didn't help this morning's run.  Ok maybe they did help, its hard to tell when you are already injured...but it is also easy to snark at a large purchase that doesn't fix all your problems.  Blah!

So that is the area of my foot that is HURTING! When I run it feels like a really bad cramp, and even when I'm not running it is still cramped.  I cannot recall when the pain first started, but I know that since this weekend at the beach it has been extremely painful.

Like many runners tend to do...instead of visit a doc I decided to visit a running store.  I do not think it is anything major at this point so I opted for some insoles to help correct my imbalanced feet.  I do not pronate when I run, but my foot tends to linger on the front and collapse toward the middle halfway through my stride.  These things could be causing the cramping. 

(ow ow ow ow foot is back in the water!)

They suggested icing my entire foot after I run in ice cold water...even if I'm not experiencing pain, for the next two weeks.  They also mentioned that after I begin running if the pain continues after the first mile or worsens I need to stop running.  Uggghhh...are you kidding me?!  Didn't I mention I'm training for a marathon.  I don't have time to STOP running. 

Today I had a 7 mile run on the docket.  Everything this morning was discouraging me from running.  Mr. Kummerow had an hour delay for school, which made me want to hang out with him longer.  My watch was dead...seriously after just two weeks I am very dependent on my Garmin.  There were threats of large thunderstorms and even tornadoes!  And my foot was still sore.  Naturally I did what any person in their right mind would do...I ran 7 miles!  It was slow (my quick 4 miler had me whooped yesterday) and slightly painful.  And just writing this, I know you runners out there will curse me for continuing my run.  But I just didn't want to stop. 

I have resigned to taking Thursday and Friday completely off to fully recover for this weekend.  I am running an 8k with Mr. Kummerow on Saturday, and Sunday is my longest run EVER- 14 miles!  Oh I pray the 2 day recovery and insoles will stop this pain and allow me to continue running.  I pray that it isn't more serious than I think!  It is funny how some days it is everything I can do to drag myself through a run...but once I am faced with having to quit, all I want to do is run! 

Have you ever had a running injury?  What did you do?  Or have you had any injury that has kept you from something you really wanted to do?  How did you cope? I have already struggled with several minor setbacks this training season.  Remember when I fell off the scooter...or even the time I stubbed my toe and cut off the top of it?  Both incidents I was out for a week or more!

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  1. Sounds painful!! Get yourself to a foot specialist NOW! Don't play around with too many home remedies or you may not be able to run your marathon! When I was running and training, Dr. Kurt Massey got me back up on the road quickly.