Saturday, October 16, 2010

Successful Twelve

I was so nervous I couldn't even write about the nerves.  This was my second longest run ever!  I hardly slept a wink the night before (which certainly doesn't help).  I think I mentioned to Mr. Kummerow no fewer than 10 times that I was nervous on the night before.  I planned to run on Friday because today is a busy day--which also means this post will be short and sweet!  Today my best friend Emily is getting married!  And I am in her wedding! 

But I digress.  Back to the run.  I have been experimenting with food before, during and after my long runs.  I typically have a finicky stomach when it comes to running, so yesterday morning I started with half a banana.  I drove to my running destination, putting my nerves to the side, I determined that I just had to get out and do my best.
Ha! It doesn't look like I succeeded to put my nerves aside!

It was a chilly morning, and I prayed I would be warm enough! I don't usually run in late fall/winter because I hate the cold.  And yesterday morning it was 43*!  I still haven't invested in running tights (denial, people!) so I hoped my shorts would suffice.  I layered with a long sleeve dry fit tee and a puff vest (not meant for running-but I needed the warmth).  I also wore gloves which proved very useful to wipe away the juices oozing from my nose--yes runners are not always the picture of Southern Elegance!

These are the goodies I packed to fuel my body through the run:
I diced a small Clif Bar (I'm pretty sure that its vegan) grabbed some beans (I think they are not vegan-whoops!) and two bottles of water.  Not pictured is the can of Coconut Water I bought at the store after my run and sucked down in an instant.  Coconut Water has become my new favorite after-run treat!

After one bite of Clif bar and a few sips of water I was off.  And like a bandit I tore up the first few miles.  I was cold and wanted to be warm!  Check out these splits:
Side note: I was so pleased with myself when I figured out how to do that!

Either the Garmin is really pushing my runs in a new and better direction, or I really have been a fast runner all along--and yes, I call this fast!

So after the first 6, I looped back to the car to grab a few bites of Clif bar and water.  I headed out in a different direction for the last 6--Out on some trails for a change of scenery.  I think it helped keep me mentally in charge of this run.  I rounded out the second 6 miles a little pass the car, and really close to the store that sells the Coconut Water...lucky me!
The infamous watch pose! I am so happy with my Garmin!
And my "thank-goodness this is over face!"

Here is how I recovered the rest of the day:
Gingerbread Pumpkin Oats- recipe coming soon!
Left overs wrapped in an Ezekiel tortilla--that dinner recipe is also coming soon!
A huge burrito from Salsaritas!  I also ate a large salad somewhere in between the wrap and the burrito.

I did not have the opportunity to recover with a relaxing day!  I was a busy bridesmaid...picking up my dress from the cleaners, picking out shoes, babysitting, rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner!  Which brings me back to today...I have a hair appointment in 30 minutes and I haven't had breakfast yet! Gotta go! Have a great weekend!

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