Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beautiful {Mercy Me video, Garmin watch, butternut squash recipe}

While at the beach I managed to squeeze a 4 mile run into a very full schedule. I had every intention of completing my long run as well, but I just not in training mode. Here is my very fast 4 mile run:
4 miles in 36 minutes!  And that included a walk break right in mile 3, so that just shows how I booked it!

The beach retreat was a rejuvenation for my spirit, and despite a 5 hour break on Saturday afternoon, beautiful weather and a flat course, my mind wasn't in the running game.  Instead I relaxed by the pool with new and old friends and enjoyed a leisurely stroll down the beach.

That walk on the beach was a turning point for me this weekend.  I had a wonderful conversation with 3 beautiful women about coping with anger, loving our husbands and finding ourselves beautiful inside and outside.  Upon returning to the beach house another woman felt led to bring this to me.

This song has a powerful message and it really struck a chord deep down in my heart.  The message I learned at the retreat is this: we don't have the strength to do this ourselves.  There is nothing in the earthly me that can fight these battles.  It is the Holy Spirit who dwells in me that gives me the strength.  I must surrender my own control and give it to Him.  Finally, I must count all these trials as joy (James 1:2).  For it is through the trials that the Lord shapes me and molds me into the woman I am meant to be.  When faced with troubles, I curl back, I hide, I run...and I get angry.  But I can use joy as a tool to fight.  It is my shield and sword.  God also tells us that we will undoubtedly face trials (Isaiah 43:2- he doesn't say if, but when!).  It isn't going to be easy, being a Christian doesn't mean we get to be happy all the time.  We will struggle.  It might be hard to thank God for that promise...but isn't it reassuring to know that we will undoubtedly face trials of many kinds?  If we know the high waters are coming, can't we be better equipped to handle them?  I will count it as joy and prepare myself for the battles that are to come.

On a slightly unrelated note: I faced this battle last night:
My weekend long run finally was a accomplished last night!  And no I did not run a 29 minute mile!  I was in a meeting...yes in a meeting!  Mr. K and I started out with the first 4 miles a little after 5:30.  For some reason I really thought I had time to finish 9 before my 7pm meeting at Panera.  When I realized I did not have enough time to finish...I was 2 miles from Panera, but 3 miles from the car.  So I ran to Panera, wiped off my sweaty brow in the restroom and filed in for my meeting.  Luckily the meeting was for Race City Runners, so I think they understood.  I did forget to turn my watch off until we were about half way through the meeting. 

After, it was dark and cold, and I ran one of my quickest paces yet to get back to the car.  I had nothing left in me to finish the last .44 miles so I just headed home.  It was almost 9pm when we finally ate dinner. 
My wonderful husband cooked for us.  No surprises on the menu here- collards and butternut squash made an appearance over a bed of whole grain spaghetti.  He made a wonderful sauce of hummus, shoyu and a little water to make it thinner.  He also included seasonings but I couldn't tell you the exact measurements or kinds.  This is one of the easiest and yummiest sauces we make and you can't go wrong!  So try it out sometime.  Perhaps the next time we make it I will take measurements to post on the blog. 
Sorry the photos are so dark...I did mention it was 9 pm didn't I?

Alright, off to work! Have a great day!

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