Thursday, October 7, 2010

Melting Pot

This week at Melting Pot, they were hosting a Susan G. Komen special for the ladies.  "Ladies Night" included a petite four-course meal for just $35 and great drink specials.  My friend Jill organized the whole thing, and although we had 2 friends drop out at the last minute, this threesome still had a great evening!
Now if you are questioning my dining out experience, Melting Pot is actually very vegan-friendly.  Of course you must skip on the cheese fondue and go straight to your dinner salad.  But no worries, because they offered up double dessert instead! Who would turn down such a deal?  The main course was easy...they substituted the vegetarian plate for the original Ladies Night dish, and instead of the ravioli (which had cheese) they piled on extra tofu and veggies.  All were cooked in a vegetable broth.
Did I mention the drink specials? I ordered a glass of wine on the specials list, but since it was also Tuesday, bottles were half price.  My glass of wine $7.  To buy the whole bottle, $12.  You do the math.
Thankfully, they will also package up your left over wine and you can take it home with you.  So Mr. Kummerow and I shared the last two glasses yesterday!

After they offered double dessert, I assumed their chocolate of course would be vegan.  As we finished up our meal, and our waiter came around to take our chocolate orders, he briefly mentioned a manager was out purchasing chocolate for my dessert at Trader Joe's!  After closer inspection, they had realized none of their chocolates were in fact vegan.  I have never experienced such wonderful customer service before.  Given the Trader Joe's wasn't too far from the restaurant, but to send someone out after my chocolate was more than I could handle! I think I even teared up a little! Thank you Melting Pot! Thank you!
With an assortment of fresh fruits...I was a happy vegan Tuesday night!
Consider this an official review of the Melting Pot in University City, Charlotte.  You get my vote any day!

When have you experienced the best customer service in your life? Restaurant? Store? Share with me in the comments section below and you may just win yourself a little coupon to Melting Pot...I have $20 off coupon for $50 or more.  Mr. K and I will not be able to go before the coupon expires in January.  If you comment below you will be entered to win!

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  1. Since our restaurant choices as of late(oldest child is 10.. so yes,10 years) haven't been of the fanciest nature, I have to say that Earth Fare does have excellent customer service in their deli. They will happily whip you up a mock chicken salad wrap with your choice of wrap and toppings, including Veganaise. They also offer the healthiest kid's meal I know of, including vegan and whole food choices. The Melting Pot certainly sounds like the perfect "date night without the kids" destination!