Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween! {Mooresville Pumpkin Run 8k}

Happy Halloween! Mr. Kummerow and I celebrated the holiday in a little bit of an non-traditional way. The cool thing about Halloween on a Sunday, means you technically get to celebrate all weekend long.  So on Friday evening we cooked up Butternut Squash soup- perfect for the harvest season!  And then we had friends over to play cards.  It was my first Phase 10 loss since we bought the deck.  Boo.

Our Halloween festivities didn't end there.  Saturday morning we woke early to run the Mooresville Pumpkin Run 8k.  I had a vendor booth for Girls on the Run so we left the house early to set up.
I love working races because I get an opportunity to meet all the runners and hear their story.  This was a really fun day because there were so many people I knew!  Four or five of the GOTR coaches were running, and even some of the girls!  It is a small community race with great t-shirts and swag! We had such a wonderful morning!
The 8k distance is Mr. Kummerow's longest run ever!  I was so happy he agreed to run it with me and so proud of him!

We ran all 5 miles without any walking breaks!  And we maintained a 10 minute mile, finishing right at 50 minutes!  Our time was good enough to secure a second place finish for Mr. K in his age group!  That's right- he got a trophy!

I was so proud of my hubby!  The run was beautiful!  Through a wonderful neighborhood in downtown Mooresville.  The weather was a little chilly, but perfect for race day!  We had so much fun and the miles just ticked by.  I think the last mile was a little difficult for Mr. Kummerow, but he persevered and we really pushed our pace.  I am so in love with this race, I think it will be a new Kummerow family tradition!

We rounded out our Saturday fun with some errands (for me) and working at the brewery (for him) and then spent the evening baking Pumpkin Spice Whoopie Pies!  I know, your drooling already, just hearing the name.  I promise the recipe will be up soon!

Sunday we started our day at church, then I tackled a 14 mile run (and yes there will be more on that soon as well).  We rounded out our holiday weekend with dinner at home and walk through the neighborhood checking out all the trick-or-treaters and Halloween decorations.

Ok, so maybe we aren't the most exciting celebrators ever.  But I sure enjoyed our weekend!  What did you do for the holiday?  Did you dress up?  I never even considered wearing a costume.  But Mr. K did dress up as a priest for his job at the brewery on Saturday.  I'm sad to say I have no photos!

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