Thursday, June 13, 2013

Back to the Grind

Vacation is fun, but it is stressful to come home to a pile up of work.  Summer is typically more laid back for Girls on the Run, but there is still so much to do!  So today is work, work, work.  With one little break for some errands with Alex.  Errands that included this:

I have been wanting a nice new camera for a while.  The one I have is great, but I'm ready to up the ante a bit with my pictures.  This guy will do the trick...and $200 off sticker price makes me very happy.  Here's the story:

We show up to Target in Mooresville ready to hit purchase even at the original price.  We notice it is $200 off and get excited.  Unfortunately they didn't have any more in stock.  We could buy the display, but for only 10% off more it isn't worth the risk.  The salesperson tells us that Huntersville Target has three in stock.  We had a return to make at Gymboree so we decided we would let Eleanor take her afternoon nap on the way down. 

When we arrive in Huntersville the camera is not marked down.  We talk to the salesman there and he verifies the price in Mooresville to be correct.  Some how two different Targets are charging two different prices.  He agrees to price match and we walk away with our camera for a steal!  Are you in the market for a new camera?  I would suggest marching down to Huntersville Target and weasel your way into this deal as well!  Currently mine is charging but hopefully there will be gorgeous photos up soon! 

I also plan to take a break from work today to squeeze in a double workout.  I was slack on the last half of our trip to Missouri and have lots to make up for.  I have suckered Alex into joining me for a cycle class and then playing with Eleanor in the pool while I knock out some laps.  Can't wait for some family fun time at the gym!  Until then...back to the grind. 

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