Friday, June 21, 2013


Who doesn't love matching babies?  This occurrence happened completely on accident which makes it even more sweeter.
The last two days have been filled.  Eleanor and I have been having so much fun out of the house, mainly with this little girl.
On Wednesday we planned an all day shopping trip with Brittney and Harper including Babies R Us and Ikea.  We came home just in time for Alex to get off work.  I can't stand that he was working this week so it worked out perfectly that he was home when we got there.  Our Wednesday also included a morning jog with the stroller and a quick play date at Shannon's with the boys before we met up with Brittney.  All-in-all a most perfect day.
Thursday was just as wonderful.  We played at home until after Eleanor's morning nap.  Then we packed our bags for the day and darted off to Story Time at the library where we also met up with Brittney and Harper (we are kind of obsessed with each other...or at least our babies are!)  After library time Eleanor and I drove up to Statesville to have a picnic lunch with Alex to celebrate his last day of work for the summer (FINALLY!) and then back to Brittney's (yes we are borderline attached at the hip) for an afternoon of swimming with the girls. 

Once again I arrived home just as Alex did and proceeded to drop Eleanor with him while I did some grocery shopping to prepare for the Thirty-One party I hosted last night.  I was impressed with how many friends showed up and we had a blast! 

I know stories aren't as much fun without pictures, but yesterday got away from me.  Trust me when I say it was another perfect day. 

And now FINALLY I can say Happy Summer!  As Alex is done with work and it is actually the first day of Summer.  Oh what a relief!  I am looking forward to many fun days this summer!

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