Thursday, June 6, 2013

Munchkin Meals: 7 Months

Today is Eleanor's seven month birthday.  Wow!  And of course I am behind on our monthly photos.  Those will have to wait until we are settled back in North Carolina next week.  Till then, let's recap what's been on Eleanor's plate.
My baby is an adventurous eater.  She will put anything in her mouth, including any and all objects- not just food.  But for the sake of Munchkin Meals, let's just discuss what is actually going down the hatch. 
We have been letting Eleanor eat pretty much any whole food that she can grab and swallow: sweet potatoes, green beans, cucumber slices, tomatoes, watermelon, avocado, strawberries, cantaloupe, broccoli, summer squash and zucchini.  She even experienced artichoke hearts and I did cave and give her a pickle.  She loved it very much.  We have been experimenting with smaller foods to help her develop her pincers.  We throw a couple peas on her plate or items cut smaller than finger sized.  She is making great progress at clearing small pieces from her plate and figuring out how to get them in her mouth.  No peas have been successful yet, however.
Since she has been eating so many wonderful flavors, tofu has fell to the wayside.  It is always the last thing left on her plate. 

This month we ventured from just simply whole foods into some cooked and prepared foods. 
These banana and strawberry pancakes were a big hit.  After making them I realized the ingredient list was rather clean, whole wheat flour, one egg, coconut oil, bananas.  I'm not sure about baking powder and babies but she didn't seem to have any reactions.  She gobbled up these pancakes.  We gave two whole ones, and while all of those crumbs didn't make it to the mouth, she certainly made good progress on each.
Watermelon, cantaloupe and strawberries seem to be a favorite.  They are juicy and messy and so tasty.  We love to strip her down and sit her in the high chair on the porch and let her at it.  Eating is so much fun for Eleanor.
Corn on the cob was a new experience this month.  I just gave her my mostly eaten cob and let her suck it dry.  I know that sounds gross, but she had a wonderful time!
Of course there is are old favorite: the banana.  She is better and grasping it these days so I can typically peel the whole banana and she will figure out how to get it into her mouth.  Using two hands helps tremendously.
This wonderful high chair from Eddie Bauer was a great hit while camping.  Eleanor got to sit up at the table and eat with us and enjoy all the fun.  If you are out and about much I highly recommend this.  I wish I would have thought about packing it in our suitcase for Missouri. 

To recap this month: Baby Led Weaning is working so well for us.  Eleanor is very exploratory with her mouth right now.  Everything goes in.  She loves to feed herself and is slowly getting better.  We are noticing how much more is actually being swallowed now.  And her diapers are definitely showing the difference too. 

I am so pleased with our decision to Baby Led Wean.  It is easy for us (clean up is messy) and it is fun for her.  I'm not sure spoon feeding would have worked in our situation.  Anytime I try to bring food to her mouth she pushes it away and grabs for it with her own hands.  She is a very independent eater and does not need help. 

So far we haven't had any reactions to foods.  Right now I have become very relaxed about what we feed her and if we have waited the recommended 2 to 3 days between new foods.  She did develop a rash once but it went away quickly.  I'm not sure if it was just a heat rash from her double triple chins, or if it was from food but we haven't experienced again.  But do as I say, not as I do.  I would wait if I were you.  I just got lazy.  But if she were to have a reaction it would be so much easier to know exactly what it was from and not have to go back and investigate. 
So that's how Eleanor's been eating lately.  With any luck it will continue and we will never have to face a picky eater! 

Thanks Brittany for hosting Munchkin Meals!

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