Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Baby Travels

Tomorrow Eleanor is seven months old.  And today we took to the air, just the girls.  I was up at 4am and we were on the road by 5.  Alex dropped us off at the airport and we all said a tearful goodbye.  This is our first trip away from Alex, and his first time away from us.  I couldn't imagine a day without Eleanor so I am certain he is sadder than us.  Look at those Eleanor eyes...she already misses her daddy.

We flew Southwest Airlines.  They recently merged with AirTran and we can now fly from Charlotte to St. Louis.  I like Southwest for their low rates and free checked baggage.  You can now get two free checked bags when flying Southwest!  I checked a suitcase for both Eleanor and me.  No need to be stingy on packing for this trip. 

For the airport I brought her stroller, Ergo and diaper bag.  I stashed everything we would need into the one bag. 

For her:
three or four of her favorite toys (not noisy ones)
diapers and wipes
change of clothes
green beans (cleanest BLW food) to occupy her

For me:
a book (I actually managed to read two whole chapters)
trail mix
Eleanor did fabulous.  On the first flight I nursed her during take off.  Then for the next hour she played quietly in the empty seat beside us (bonus!).  We were in the very front row (Yay for choosing your own seats on Southwest) so I actually sat her on the ground and let her move around a bit.  I kept her entertained with an assortment of toys I selected.  This orange ring was Alex's idea and was a hit.  
This is random, but on our first flight I asked for the whole bottle of water so I wouldn't spill and the stewardess informed me that their water came in cans.  I have never seen canned water before.

In between flights we had a three hour layover.  We walked and walked and walked and walked.  I was happy I decided to bring the stroller.  She was happy people watching as we toured Midway airport.  
I laid out her blanket and we sat for a bit on the floor by our gate and played and then we walked some more.  Eventually we stopped long enough to nurse, use the bathroom and line up for our next flight.  Eleanor was tuckered out and decided to fall asleep when I switched her from the stroller to the Ergo.
This little one snoozed the entire flight to St. Louis and woke up just as we departing the plane.  It couldn't have been more perfect.  This is when I was able to sneak in two chapters of reading and peruse the SkyMall magazine.  

By the time we made our way down to baggage claim our bags were already there.  And as we headed out the doors my mom was pulling up.  It was the perfect travel day.  We stopped for lunch and then both Eleanor and I snoozed on the way home.  

So I have been asked what my tips for traveling with a seven month old are.  Honestly?  The only seven month old I want to travel with is my own.  She is so perfect.  If I had a fussy baby I'm not sure I would ever attempt this.  But she was great.  It didn't matter what toys I brought or when I nursed her last, she was just good the whole time.  I love her so much!  I am lucky to be her momma!
We are now relaxing at my mom's playing with Taylor's old toys.  Now if we can just get through the rest of this day without Alex.  We already miss him so much!

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