Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Good morning friends!  And happy Summer!

And also, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my mom today!

This post may have no point other than to share the gobs of photos I have been snapping lately.  How can I resist when Eleanor is just so awesome?
I know.  I'm partial.

We had a wonderful weekend and really celebrated the fact that summer is officially here.  It wasn't all fun and games, I did have business to attend to.  One giant budget meeting for Girls on the Run for our next fiscal year.  But when your business meetings also includes seeing some of your best friends, it really makes up for all the numbers you are forced to stare at.
After the budget meeting, Alex and I played tourists in our own town and scoped out some shops around downtown Mooresville.  We popped into one of my favorite consignment stores and found this doll.
 I know, China Dolls can be a little spooky.  I agree.  However, I had this same exact doll when I was a child and I just couldn't resist picking it up for Eleanor.
It was love at first sight.  She crawled all over the room chasing it down.  What a terrific find!

Sunday we visited Alex's mom in Winston-Salem. 
Eleanor had fun showing off all her new tricks to her Vovvy and Grandpa.
Such a daddy's girl!
Also loving on her Grandpa:
Summer is fun.  Laid back afternoons.  Time spent with family. 

But summer can also be difficult in our house.  I work a 30-hour a week job from home.  Having Eleanor and Alex at home all day can be quite distracting.  I am struggling to focus on Girls on the Run when the promise of play and freedom is right next door.  So far we have balanced our days well.  I plow through work for most of the morning.  Break for lunch and usually do a work/play mix in the afternoon.  For example, I will have to run errands to Staples and the Post Office so I coax Alex and Eleanor into joining me and we stop at the swings when we are done. 

Today I coaxed them into riding to Salisbury with me.  I had a meeting with Parks and Rec and they played outside in the playground.  After, we all walked around downtown Salisbury to play tourist in that town. 

I imagine this will be how most of our days will play out this summer.  Just wish me luck in balancing play and work!

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