Wednesday, June 19, 2013

And then this happened...

And so this happened yesterday...
Yesterday was one of those rare days without any plans.  It was also an overcast, gray day.  Eleanor and I holed up inside and played for hours.  She is wonderful at independent play and rarely needs me to entertain her.  But every now and again she will look up at me as if to say "Mom, you see this, right? Look how awesome!"
I may be crazy but I let Eleanor explore just about everything.  From foods to tearing through her cloth diapers, I never really stop her.  For a moment I thought to say no when she started pulling baskets off the shelf.  But she was so intrigued by it all and then finally pulled herself up to standing to get to the baskets even higher up.  She is learning so much these days and is incredibly fun to watch.  I just sit back and observe this tiny little being soaking up her world.  
Not only has she learned how to stand up on her own, but she also seems to moving across the floor with more ease.  She has a hard time crawling.  She pushes backwards.  And now that she can move to sitting on her own, usually winds up there instead of crawling.  But no matter, because she still manages to scoot across the floor and attack whichever toy lured her (sometimes it's my painted toenails).  

For the past several weeks we have been go-go-go.  It was such a nice change to be home for an entire day, to go through our routine, take 3 solid naps (Eleanor of course, not me--although I did actually take one nap with her!) eat in her highchair and explore her little bedroom on hands and knees...and feet!  What a wonderful day!

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