Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tough Decisions

Yesterday was one of the hardest days as a mom yet.  While yesterday I wrote a very matter-of-fact post about heading to Chicago, despite Eleanor's RSV diagnosis, I was not quite as confident as I may have led on.  
I dropped Penny off at the sitter's, picked Alex up from work, and headed to the doctor to get one final check-up before we headed to the airport.  Not good.  She took her time listening to Eleanor's lungs and when she pulled the stethoscope off her back we knew she had concerns.  The doctor heard a "crackling" which is a sign of pneumonia and ordered chest x-rays before telling us to cancel our plans.  We would not be flying out that day.

Off to the imaging center for x-rays.  We spent the time in the waiting room informing our family we would likely be staying home.  We also spent that time consoling ourselves.  Our poor sick girl and our poor sad selves.  

Back at the doctor's we found out there was no pneumonia on the x-rays.  PHew!  She told us we should still consider staying home but that the choice was ours.  What on earth shall we do?
So yes, we decided to still go.  But the decision was not easy.  We struggled with the choice.  It took us up until the very last minute to decide.  Even as we rushed around the house finalizing all of our preparations, we still questioned our decision.  I don't think either one of us believed we were still going until we were on the plane.  

But you know what helped?  Eleanor's demeanor.  She slept so soundly through the day, and even her breathing improved.  All through the airport she slept cuddled up to me in the Ergo.  (By the way, we love the Ergo!  We just took it out of the box for this trip.)

I was nervous about the flight.  Would her ears hurt during take off?  Would she start a coughing fit and scare everyone around us?  Would she just scream and cry? 

I started the flight by nursing her.  She nursed straight through take off and then cuddled back up in my arms.  After changing her diaper in Alex's seat, I strapped her back in the Ergo and she slept the rest of the way to Chicago.  Just like a peaceful little baby!  What an easy trip!

Now, 24 hours later, I am so thankful we made the decision to come!  We are all tucked up inside and enjoying time with family.  I know we would have many more regrets if we stayed home.  She is still really sneezy and sniffly, but honestly her mood has been so much better.  You can tell she is starting to feel better.  She is smiling again and cooing and making her funny little faces.  And her Aunt Karina (Nene) is really enjoying her time with Eleanor.  

Yup, I believe we made the right decision.

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