Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Wasn't it Murphy that wrote that law about things going wrong  Yup, and I'm living it today. 
Look at that sweet, sad face.  Let's all have a collective "Awe" for poor Miss Eleanor.  She's having a not so very fun day. 

You think you are doing everything right as a mom-- or well, let's rephrase that-- everything you possibly can do as a mom.  Not that I believe there is a wrong way to raise children (ok, maybe there are some wrong ways) but in my delusional mind I'm thinking, well she doesn't go to daycare, she can't get sick.  I'm home with her all day, this means she won't be exposed.  I breastfeed so her immune system is rocking! 

Wrong, wrong, wrong.  I talked a lot yesterday about the surprises in motherhood, and if I have been surprised by one thing, or learned one valuable lesson, it is that you cannot control the universe.  Nope, notta, zilch control.  It is what it is.  And if you have certain plans that cannot involve a sick baby, well that baby will get sick.  Dang Murphy. 

Said plans today include non-refundable non-stop flights (you know, the expensive kind) to Chicago so Eleanor can meet all of our family.  And at yesterday's doctor's appointment it was looking pretty grim.  She was given her diagnosis (RSV) and prescribed a breathing treatment to help open up her airways.  It looks like she is on day 4 or 5 and it typically peaks from 3-5 days, so the prognosis might not be too bad.  This could be the worst of the worse.  And by comparison, I don't think she had it that badly.  Of course now I am just trying to cover my tracks so you will all not think me a terrible mother when I board that flight with her tonight and hoist my sick baby 1,000 miles by air.  There are doctors and hospitals everywhere.  And I'll strap her in tight in the Moby so her sneezes don't fly into the air.  I apologize in advance if anyone else contracts her illness while flying with us today.  Blame it on the airlines and their non-refundable flights.  I can't waste hundreds of dollars, even if they aren't my own. 

Ok, rant complete. 

In all seriousness, we made a follow up appointment today to see how she is doing.  Our sweet, sweet doctor did not give us a "you crazy people cannot fly" lecture, rather a "we'll see how she's doing tomorrow" speech. 

Pray for a speedy recovery.  As in hours, not days.  Pray that she wakes up well-rested and breathing well.  (She did, for the record, nearly sleep through the night last night.  I had to wake her up!)  Pray for a safe and uneventful flight and a healthy trip to Chicago.  Poor sad baby Eleanor!

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