Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Travels

Prepare for a photo bomb of a post!  We had such a fun weekend with family and of course we had to capture each moment.  Check out all the fun:
If you recall, we started our trip with a very sick baby.  A sick baby means a sleepy baby, which made for a very easy plane ride.
She was such a pleasant traveler and slept the whole flight.  We made it to Chicago and hopped in the car to head to our first stop.  Eleanor got to meet her Uncle Johnny and Karina, or Nene as Eleanor will learn to call her.  (I believe Nene means "sister" in Portuguese, correct me if I'm wrong.)
The running joke is that all babies are afraid of John, but our little Eleanor smiled and cooed at him the entire time.  We had such a special time.  On Thursday, Alex's sister Chrissy (otherwise known as Auntie came over for some snuggles and play time as well.
Karina's friend from church was kind to let us borrow some baby items, a Pack N Play and playmat.  
Eleanor loved playing on the floor with her aunts and toys!
Thursday went by way too fast.  Soon it was Friday already and we were ready to get out of the house for a bit and take in some fresh Chicago air.
In case you weren't aware, it is cold up north! We bundled Eleanor up in her bear suit.  She was almost too cute to look at.
Alex, Eleanor and I walked around Geneva, a cute little touristy town.  We soaked up a little sunshine, got a little exercise and did a little shopping.  We found an adorable consignment shop and bought Eleanor a set of wooden blocks for just $4!  

Saturday we had fun plans with Chrissy and Karina and their families.  Eleanor's cousins (our niece and nephew) are about to turn 17 so we celebrated with a birthday party complete with a chocolate cake from Portillos.
So yummy!
Cousins having fun with baby Eleanor.  (Emily couldn't be there, so we brought her in via iPhone!)
After twelve or so years, there is finally another cousin, and the CuzFuzz couldn't be more thrilled!
Eleanor took to Jessi right away.  I think it was the blonde hair, but she was just all smiles!
Luke and Eleanor (above)

Beautiful family:
Saturday wrapped up in a very wholesome way, with church and then a round of cards.  We learned a new game called Three Thirteen.
Last was an episode of Downton Abbey (season 1) and a snooze on the couch for some!
By Saturday we were already exhausted!  Although our weekend was full of relaxing days around the house, we had too many late nights and too many early mornings.  We had to squeeze in all the family time we could get.  I'll be back soon to recap our Sunday and Monday! 

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