Monday, January 7, 2013

Pretty Penny

We have a new member of the family.  Meet Penny!  Isn't she the sweetest?  I'm not sure Eleanor knows what to think yet.
And because I apparently have the same "baby" voice as my "puppy" voice, I am concerned Eleanor is going to think her name is Penny or vice versa.  But so far it is going pretty smooth.  Well, after the episode where Penny pooed on the living room floor, it's been smooth.  Oh, and besides peeing on my shirt when I picked her up to take her outside...yup, everything is gravy.

To be fair, both instances were likely my fault.  She was whining and I wasn't listening.  She was disciplined accordingly and I'm hoping these accidents don't continue too often.  I'm learning.

Penny was brought to us yesterday by the owners of Tarheel Labradoodles.  They are a breeder for these wonderful pups and they recently purchased Penny as a new breeder female.  We are her guardian family.  Basically she is ours, except once a year or so when she is bred.  Rather than become a kennel, in order to expand their company, Tarheel Labradoodles uses guardian homes to make sure each new dog is loved and cared for by a real family.  We get to be that family for Penny.  They will only use her until she is about 6 years old and then she becomes permanently ours.   

Other than a few accidents already, she has been the perfect little pup.  She loves to cuddle and sit at our feet and doesn't whine very much at all.  Except when she needs to go out as I have learned.  So although we are still adjusting to live as a family of three, we are excited and thrilled to welcome Penny into our home. 

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