Friday, January 25, 2013

All I want for my birthday is...

Is it too early to start my birthday wishlist? 

Today I mentioned to Alex that all I want for my birthday is new drip pans for my stove top burners. (It would also suffice as a very romantic Valentine's Day gift)

I absolutely hate to clean the stinking things, but I also hate when they begin to look like this.  So we just buy new ones.

Also on the list...a new car.

My frustration has been mounting with this whole one-car family situation.  I typically pick up Alex from work each day, and while I'm usually happy to do it, it takes me three times as long to load up the crew as it does to drive there and back.  I'm simply tired of the hassle.
And if that weren't enough, the heat does not work at all lately.  Above is my view on the drive home from a meeting this morning.  It started to sleet and the windshield wipers were doing nothing to help my visibility.  Luckily it stopped and alas I was able to see better and make it home. 

I have been praying for weeks for either patience or provision.  Either I find peace in our current one-car family situation, or God will provide in some way for us to have another car.  Slowly we are trying to save and put away for a down payment.  Although we are ever so hesitant to take on a loan,  it may be our only option.  A new car is becoming more of a necessity than a want. 

I think that is a pretty easy birthday wish list...don't you?  Just $12 drip pans and a $12,000 car.  Sure, no problem!  Oh, did I mention my birthday is still more than a month away?

Sorry for the Friday self-indulgent post.  Here's some cuteness to liven up your weekend:
Eleanor, sitting up strong and tall, checking the mail with daddy.
So cute!  And if you are wondering about that pup, here she is.
I think she's settling in quite well.

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  1. Hi Tanya!
    Not that I don't want your birthday gift dreams to come true but have you tried using SOS pads on the drip pans? Let them soak for like 5 minutes in the sink and then scratch away with the SOS pad and they'll be like new! Hardly no elbow grease required!
    Then, you can save your $12 for a NEW CAR! WAHOOO!!!! :)